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Tech giants search for top programming skills

Entering into the tech industry can be a competitive field. In the digital era of global humanity, the tech industry is ever expanding and evolving creating new jobs to be filled. As college programs conduct research and source students into majors that are tech focused, the more uniquely tailored each expertise area will be. The tech industry and the jobs available in the field continue to grow each day. With new job openings, tech savvy and certified individuals must learn the skills needed and necessary to land a job with some of the biggest tech giants.


Programming skills are at the top of the list for tech giants wants in their future career candidates. Some of these skills include things like Javascript and C++. Javascript is a generalized web development utilizing front-end developers to design the website code. C++ is more geared toward general purpose programming, but is often a focus in engineering fields. For those wishing to pursue a career in tech programming, they should first review a C++ test.


Although keeping up with the newest and latest programming trends to be able to utilize any platform is important, knowing and understanding some of the more traditional coding is important for employers as well. Many employers want to know that their programmers understand Ruby. Ruby is one of the more older, object-oriented script languages. For any programer, they must have the skills necessary to understand most general script language and that starts with first understand the traditions of script language and building from there throughout time. Objective-C is a 30-year-old programming language. It can often be found in Mac OS X operating systems. Mac’s iOs operating systems are expensive because they are so reliable. Understanding this type of traditional coding language is crucial for tech employers.


A common player in the programming language is Python. It is one that people may more readily know, even in the tech consumer target audience. For larger companies like Google and NASA, Python seems to be reliable. For those who still adore their Dropbox files, they can thank Python for that.

All of the Cs are a continually important game player in tech programming world. C language was a product of the ‘70s era and is still in use by many tech companies today. C is one of those traditional languages but is reliable to the programmer. Because C is 40 years old, it isn’t as sleek as some of the new programming, but it still gets the job done. Far different from C is C#. C# is another object-oriented program language developed by Microsoft. Tech industry experts argue that C# was created to compete with Java and may have just come out on top. Tech giants continue to hire these well-versed programmers. One of the newer members to the Cs is C++. C++ is frequently used for desktop apps and developing games. Cultivators of this newer programming language shouldn’t have trouble finding a job with a well-known tech giant in the field.