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Sweats Are The New Slacks: 5 Good Reasons To Choose Remote Work

Since the COVID 19 pandemic began, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of individuals who prefer remote work and luckily, also a rise in the number of organizations and companies that offer it. Remote work is a type of working style that does not require a traditional office environment. It follows the concept of successful work execution in the absence of a specific workplace or coworkers. To implement remote work smoothly, employers should make sure that their employees are given access to all necessary tools, for example, computers/monitors, software installation, keypads, etc. Some companies even set up desks and chairs for employees in their homes if needed. Still, there are people out there who choose offices and coworkers over working from home but if you are more inclined to remote work, then read ahead for some of its benefits.

Some common individual benefits of remote work:

1. Work-Life balance

Remote jobs allow for a far more flexible schedule than having to go into the office. Employees have a lot more time on their hands in the morning before their start time which can allow for time to make breakfast at home rather than grabbing the calorically heavy Starbucks sandwiches on the go. Similarly, employees who are parents have more time in the mornings to focus on their little ones getting ready for school. This extra time is also helpful during traditional work hours, during “breaks” people can get a lot done. Some people don’t have to leave their errands, cleaning, and organizing for the weekends and can simply get these little tasks out of the way during work hours. This is a great way to enjoy the weekends for what they are: relaxing! Most adults, especially parents, are constantly caught up with work, whether that be their income-bringing  jobs or their job as a parent - laundry, cleaning, bonding with children, help with homework, more cleaning - you get the picture. Working from home eliminates a lot of that stress. Getting some chores and errands done during the week’s work hours gives you more time to focus on your family and allows you to be a more present parent or partner. 

2. No more traffic!

Say goodbye to the 8am bumper to bumper agony. Time wasted during commuting to and from work is another drawback to traditional workplaces. Of course, metropolitan cities offer the most jobs, which in turn, causes the most traffic during “rush hour” (8am-9am & 5pm-6pm). A working adult in California spends an average of 1.5 hours in traffic to commute to work. Even New York, where subways and public transportations are widely popular, has been ranked #1 for traffic congestion. The extra time you gain from not having to commute can be put into extra sleep, time with family, more time to workout, errands, and everything else that contributes to our first point about work life balance. 

3. Choice of location

Working remotely means having a broader scale of job opportunities since you are not limited by geographic locations. This is truly beneficial for individuals seeking to perform from rural areas where a lot of higher paying positions may not be available. Adults who have parents or elders in other states or even countries can live with them while also being able to work at the job they need. Additionally, you can take trips to your favorite destinations and work for the hours you’re required while spending the rest of your time enjoying the tropical breeze of Bora Bora or skiing in the icy Alps!

4. Productivity

The office environment is notorious for creating office politics, favoritism, and false positives. These affect performance levels to a great extent. In the absence of these distractions, productivity is bound to flourish. Marketing professional Sanjana S. says she prefers remote work over the office environment because “I like working in a space where I can express my needs, whether that be breaks, space, quietness, or movement. Sometimes working in an office makes it harder for people to be comfortable. If I am zoned into my task but my coworkers are discussing something around me, it's distracting. My goal is to get my work done by certain deadlines. If I need to take more than two breaks a day to find my focus, I want to be able to do that without external judgment”.  Bouncing off of Sanjana’s point about being comfortable at work, remotely working gives you the flexibility of dressing comfortably. Dress pants, pencil skirts, suits, ties, and high heels can get highly frustrating to be in for 8-10 hours a day. Working from home allows you to stay in your sweats or pajamas - just be sure to look presentable for any video meetings you may have scheduled. 

5. Nature is healing :) 

All memes aside, in the absence of traffic, air pollution caused by cars and buses has decreased. In today’s global political environment, saving a gallon of gas in California is equivalent to an entire in n out meal! With employees being home during work hours and being able to cook for themselves, plastic usage and plastic pollution on roads and water bodies have also decreased. People are also finding more time to spend outdoors due to this, which can only be seen as a win-win for both the health of humans as well as the health of our atmosphere. 

Save gas, save time, save energy. Thanks to the internet and its advancements, remote work is here to stay and you should definitely take advantage of it. Aside from the reasons mentioned above, it is also an excellent way to include more minds within any organization. People who are physically disabled or cannot afford to commute can also participate in projects more frequently than they could before when they were required to come into the office everyday. It is an excellent opportunity for companies to have more diversity in the “workplace”. If you are looking for a remote job near you or even away from you, Gigzio is here to help. You can find the most suitable remote jobs on their site and get started.