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Achieve Better Business Results Today with Board Portal Software

Competition in today’s globalized world is as fierce as ever, but thankfully there are modern tools that make it easy to keep your organization’s decision makers connected securely. No matter how busy or geographically far apart they may be, your directors need to be able to work together.

Read on to get a better sense of how board portal software can get better results for your organization today.

Modern, Seamless Communication
The plethora of modern communication devices on the market all offer ways to keep connected, but sometimes lines get crossed when individuals each prefer using a different device. It’s important to get a board portal solution that allows directors to keep connected with each other, no matter what device they prefer using most.

Cloud-based board portal software keeps all important board documents in one centralized location, which can be accessed from any tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. The organization’s meeting minutes and schedules are stored here too, so directors have all they need to stay organized and connected.

Modern and Remote Collaboration
With the best board portal software, your directors will be able to collaborate together effectively, whether they’re in the same room or in different countries. The cloud-based software lets them easily and instantly share documents, flag passages, and make annotations to documents.

If one director edits a document, the changes will instantly appear on everybody else’s version, and directors are notified via email that there has been an update. This way, less time gets wasted getting every director caught up before, during, and after a board meeting — all directors will literally be on the same page.

Expedite Board Tasks
Board portal software lets you eliminate the busywork of board management: it can be used to digitally keep and distribute board minutes, monitor attendance, track expenses, and call for votes and signatures. It does all of this quickly and effortlessly and doesn’t even require the use of paper. 

Going paper-free has advantages beyond the practical ones of saving your business courier expenses and reducing your carbon footprint. Keeping board materials on the cloud means that your invaluable board documents are always accessible from anywhere in the world, and they cannot ever be lost.

Total Security
Organizations have important reasons for needing to offer world-class security at a time when even the most seemingly fortified corporations and political parties have been hacked or suffered security breaches.

All the best board portals are highly encrypted, and adhere to independent, third-party security certification requirements. It’s easy to tell that everyone who accessed the system was meant to have access, and any company-issued device can be wiped remotely in the event that the device somehow gets into the wrong hands.

Should a director with a missing device need to access their board material, all they need to do is log-in from another tablet, laptop, or desktop. 

Competition in the global marketplace isn’t relenting any time soon, so it’s important to identify the best tools on the market to give your leaders their greatest chance for success. For corporations, credit unions, non-profits, and a wide range of other organizations across North America, board portal software has already become an integral part of their business.