MEK Iran

About MEK Iran

MEK Iran is the principal and longest-standing Iranian opposition movement. It later became known as People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). This organization is founded by three Iranian intellectuals on September 6, 1965. This was an era marked by severe repression against the dissidents and political activists. The organization stressed that the real conflict in Iran was not between faiths but between the tyrants (the Shah regime) and the oppressed (the people of Iran - regardless of their faith and ethnicity).

According to MEK Iran, the authentic interpretation of Islam that rejects all forms of fundamentalism which had become the dominant interpretation of the religion in Iran.

Severe social and political restrictions have been set on people and their freedoms and their right to express their beliefs.
MEK Iran has stayed true to their principles and embarked on a long journey to establish freedom and democracy in its country, setting an example of persistence and loyalty that is still admired by Iranians across the globe.

The group, after thorough examination chose democratic Islam as the ideology that could best serves the aspirations of the Iranian people.

It was also concluded that the fight for freedom and democracy cannot be a part-time job that one engages in only during their free time.

MEK Iran was focused on recruiting new members and creating a network of elite cadres from 1965 to 1969. These members could lead the movement through the hard times that would come.

Massoud Rajavi, was among the first people to join the organization. He was a young student who would later become pivotal in shaping the organization’s future.

Currently, his wife Maryam Rajavi is MEK Iran’s principal leader. He joined the organization in the early 1970s, as a student.

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