Mary and Borders

Food and Borders

In Tastes of Our Pastgroup members use a series of blog entries to explore how olive oil, lasagne, tamales, and el plátano connect to their own families' experiences of culture and borders. To read the blog entries, click here
Blog series by: Olivia McKinnon and Cristina Sofía Flamand

In A Different Kind of Foodie, students explore the complex relationship between food and the US Mexico border including migrations, labor, and the popularization of Mexican food in the United States. To read the blog entries, click here. Students also created an interactive Quizlet on themes of spirituality, food, and borders. To access the Quizlet click here
Blog series and interactive Quizlet by: Nathan Hudson and Michael Cole

In Cereal Box Stories, a student designed a virtual cereal box featuring the story of a fictional Guatemalan immigrant. To view the cereal box, click here
Cereal box and story by: Mitchell Honious

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