Look younger now!

Look younger now! 2 Vitamins that will make your skin and hair more beautiful [No Complications]

The well-being of the skin and hair directly affect the younger appearance due to the degree of exposure to factors such as ultraviolet radiation, temperature, harsh chemicals and also due to genetics, hormones and quality of food.
             However, there are a few ways to look younger by attenuating factors that affect the skin and hair, such as: controlling stress, including physical activity, getting quality sleep, and using balanced nutrition.
             In this post we will talk about Biotin, or Vitamin H, and Vitamin E which are necessary nutrients to be ingested daily and that can directly influence the appearance and well-being of the hair strands and our skin.
             We will also discuss how you can meet the need for these vitamins easily, cheaply and quickly, ensuring a more youthful appearance.

Younger Appearance - Understand how Biotin will help you!

               Biotin begins to act in the intestine from the action of bacteria from the ingestion of certain foods. And the result of this action provides more beautiful hair and skins.
               Hidrate and rejuvenating are actions of Biotin, preventing the skin from becoming dry, scaly and with an aged appearance. Vitamin H is related to the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats that when digested benefit the health of the skin.
               In hair, Biotin acts as a restorative, and, according to studies, it may be related to the production of keratin, which is responsible for hair growth. Through nutrition, Vitamin H also strengthens weakened hair strands. This function occurs throughout the hair development process.
               Our body does not produce Biotin, therefore there is a need to replenish the nutrient every day, through the ingestion of certain foods such as milk and dairy products, as well as red meat, poultry, fish, egg yolk, Fruits like banana, strawberry among others.
               So if you have decided that you want a younger appearance and need to make skin and hair more beautiful, it is essential to take Biotin daily through a balanced diet.
               That is, avoid the nutritional deficiency of Vitamin and other nutrients such as Vitamin E, which are necessary, and also help in building a younger appearance.

Skin and hair more beautiful? Know the effect of Vitamin E.

         Vitamin E is essential for the proper functioning of your neurological system. It acts as an antioxidant, besides influencing the retardation of the aged appearance, while improving the hair and the skin.
         The application of Vitamin E in the food favors the protection of the cells, and at the same time promotes greater elasticity to the tissues.
         This Vitamin also prevents hair loss and allows the growth of new healthy hair strands.
   On the other hand, this nutrient strengthens, hydrates and facilitates the regeneration of skin cells.
         You can find foods rich in Vitamin E, such as vegetables and olive oil, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, oil seeds such as almonds and hazelnuts.
          Both Vitamin E and Biotin are part of the necessary nutrients and daily intake of anyone, and as we have seen previously they directly influence the younger appearance.
          If the intake of these nutrients is neglected, you will not develop a more youthful appearance than you could have.
   One way to get the benefits of Vitamin H and Vitamin E easily, cheaply, and quickly is to use the Herbalife Shake cell powered technology.
           This balanced Herbalife diet contains Biotin, Vitamin E and other 21 Vitamins and Minerals such as Iron, Iodine, Magnesium and among others, Zinc, which besides helping to rejuvenate the skin, is very important for those who want to lose weight.
           That is, this food has all the nutrients necessary for daily intake, in the recommended amounts.
Common people who have used this balanced diet have developed a more youthful appearance, improved their skin and their hairs, decreased their hunger and even emaciated about 1 kilogram per week. See example...


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