Netflix login - Netflix sign up

If you are once besotted with the classic movies, spend hours for blockbusters and you are a big fan of the movie, you will definitely know Netflix – a TV service which is the most loved by the World because of its services and quality. For those who do not know, Netflix outstrips every American television companies on the number of viewers in 2013.

However, there is a little bit annoying, which is Netflix is an Internet TV service, so, users need to have a Netflix account to be able to access and view these services.

Register a Netflix account to watch movies online

Step 1: From the web browser you are using, you access to the Netflix home page, then click on Start Your Free Month.

Step 2: Select the package you want to use (Basic, Standard or Premium) and choose Continue below.

Step 3: Continue to enter your email address and password in the corresponding sections in the Create your account and then select Register.

Step 4: This is the most important part, you fill in full information in this report field, do not miss any items:

Once completed, tick the box I am over 18, and I agree … Then hit Start Membership.


Step 5: Create an account successfully, the following notice will appear, click Continue.

Step 6: Select the device you will use to watch movies on Netflix and Continue.

Step 7: Enter name on each item. Named for each item and then Continue

Step 8: Tick or un-tick in the corresponding sections and then click Continue.

Step 9: Select the videos you want to watch.

Step 10: Each colored box represents a name that you set in step 7, choose any name you want.

To manage your account, click on the representative name to open options.

So, you have completed the registration procedures of watching movies on Netflix as well as custom some management parameters. Netflix does not bind users and you absolutely can cancel membership within one month if you do not want to use this service any more.

Netflix login instructions

  1. Log in Netflix on Web browser

To log in Netflix, you visit the following link: www.netflix.com/vn/Login

Enter your Email then click Continue to Password.

Enter the password and click Sign in.

  1. Sign Netflix on smartphones

First download Netflix App for your device and install.

Open the App and log in as on the Web.

  1. How to register and login Netflix with your Facebook account

Netflix has an option which is to register an account with your Facebook account. You access the following link www.netflix.com/vn/Login then click Login with Facebook.

Please log in to your Facebook account.

A confirmation dialog box allows Netflix to get your personal information from Facebook.

Each time you sign in Netflix just click Login With Facebook account.