How to login to iCloud on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC

iCloud is the name of a package that includes many free cloud services with an aim to sync data among iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, MacOS and personal computers.

iCloud is intergrated into mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad which run iOS 7 and above.

The importance of iCloud?

  1. Besides synchronizing data between devices, iCloud also has the ability of highly securing data and devices for users.
  2. Once an iCloud account has been activated on a device, all the issues related to that device such as restore, data backup.
  3. Especially with “Find iPhone” feature (used to prevent your device from being stolen), if you do not sign out, the equipment will completely be unusable.
  4. Forgetting the password of iCloud account will lead to the unusability of the devices.

Thus it can be said that iCloud account (also called AppleID) is as important as the device itself, you should save AppleID, password as well as registered email address and security questions in order to avoid unfortunate cases.

iCloud sign in on your iPhone, iPad

Go to “Settings” >> “iCloud” >> see if the “Account” item has any email address logged into or not.

In this picture, the device has not been logged in yet

To log in iCloud on your iPhone, iPad, Mac OS, etc, you need type email address and your password. If you don’t have iCloud account, you can read next step to sign up a new account.

Logging in iCloud on your Mac

On Macs running Mac OS X operating system, Apple has already integrated iCloud service. After installing Mac OS X, the system will ask you to login with your iCloud account to synchronize data and manage files better. Thus, readers can refer to the “Introduction on Mac OS X Installation” (link) for better understanding.

Users can also create OS X presets with USB (link) and install the operating system on Mac (link) without updates from the app store. This will help you “clean up” the computer because if upgraded, the system retains the old file.

When you open your Mac, click on the Apple menu, select System Preferences section and click on iCloud to manage data.

Login iCloud from a web browser

To monitor the synchronized data, users can access the web browser and log in iCloud.

Step 1: First, you go to the homepage of iCloud.com.

Step 2: Enter your iCloud account and password to sign in.

Step 3: Apple requires terms and conditions of using its services. Click OK to continue.

Step 4: The system will ask you to select an appropriate language, English by default.

Step 5: You click on the arrow point to right to select your language.

Step 6: Next, click on Start to use iCloud

Step 7: Now, you can see the iCloud Web interface. Select the item you want to view.

Sign in iCloud on Windows computers

For Windows PC users, you must install the iCloud Control Panel to sync contents on Windows with iCloud.

Step 1: Click Here to download iCloud for Windows.

Step 2: Install iCloud app for Windows on your PC. Then open iCloud and login.

Once you’ve logged iCloud account on a Windows PC, activate and choose the items to be synchronized. Many interesting gadgets in the cloud will help users to share and store data more conveniently.

You can receive email from iCloud.com or synchronize contacts, calendar, Notes, photographs and documents or other data with a variety of Apple devices. In addition, users can also find the iPhone, iPad or lock access right to the information on these devices in case they are stolen.