Aol mail login - Aol mail sign up

AOL Mail is a free webmail service provided by AOL. This service is also known as AIM Mail (AOL Instant Messenger), which is an online chat service.

The features of AOL mail

Aol mail includes the following free features:

With those useful features, AOL Mail is a free webmail service that is not inferior to Gmail, Hotmail (Outlook), Yahoo Mail,… at all.

This article is the most basic guidelines when you start using Aol mail service .

How to sign up for an AOL mail account

These features of the AOL Mail are the reason why you should immediately create an AOL account. To begin follow detailed instructions below:

  1. On your web browser, go directly to the registration page using the link https://i.aol.com/reg/signup. Or otherwise you can visit mail.aol.com address and then click Get a Free Username as shown below.
  2. You’ll see the registration form of AOL account which is very simple and friendly. Your mission is to complete all the requested information before clicking on Sign up button.

At Section Name: Please enter the First Name and Last Name in the first two cells of the sign up form. You can completely fill out information which is not entirely accurate in this section and can edit it later. This will be your display name when using AOL Mail or AIM.

Pick a username: This is where you need to enter a username totally unique. Note that your username is not written separately and the last part of the username will be defaulted with the @aol.com. If you enter a username that has been used, you will see a message Sorry, this username is taken together with suggestion of some unique usernames.

Password: You need to choose a password with high strength (from 8 to 16 characters) but is also easy for you to remember. A strong password should consist of letters, numbers, special characters (! #. @) and Uppercases.

When you enter your password, the interface will automatically display strength rate of your Password beside, you should not use a password of which the rate is Low.

* Note: Confirm your Password exactly below.

Date of birth: Select the day, month and year of your birth. Recommend that you enter the exact information of your birth date because if you need verification, account recovery, it will be included in the information Aol requires you to provide.

Gender: Select Gender in the drop-down Menu.

Enter the ZIP code where you live or work.

  1. Fill in the security information for your AOL mail account.

The information in the last 3 items will include: Security Question, Mobile phone, Alternate email will help increase the level of security, support to track unusual actions and support to recover your account.

Set a Security Question: Selection 1 of 6 security questions available. Fill in your answer in the Type in your answer box. Be sure to remember your answers.

Mobile phone: Select the country and enter your phone number in this section. This phone number can be used to verify your account when there are login problems (phone call or SMS), using 2 layers of verification when signing in AOL.

Alternate email: Enter another email addresses – AOL will send you email to recover your account to this email address. (This information is not compulsory)

  1. After you have filled in all the information. Click on Sign up to create your Aol mail account. Click sign up also means that you have accepted the Terms of AOL’s policies.
  2. AOL will ask to verify your phone number through a 6-digit code sent via SMS. You click Text me to receive the code then enter the code and click on the Verification to complete the registration of AOL mail.

Aol mail login site

When having an Aol mail account, to use the service, you need to log in. This tutorial will introduce you on how to log in AOL mail on the web, Aol app on mobile devices, Tablet.

  1. Log in to AOL Mail on the Web browser

First, access to mail.aol.com address, you will see AOL mail login interface on the right corner of the screen.

Please note the following important items for a successful login:

– Username or Email: Here you enter your user name (it can include @ aol.com or not). You must enter a username that had been registered at AOL Mail. If you didn’t registered, please return to the introductions of registering for Aol mail.

– Password: Enter the password you choose when you created your account. To ensure typing password accurately, please make sure you turned off the Caps Lock key on the keyboard, use the Unicode standard percussion.

Selecting Remember Me if you want to save your login information for next time

Finally please Click Sign In to log into Aol mail.

  1. Sign in Aol app on mobile devices, Tablet

You need to download the AOL app for your device.

Aol app for iphone, ipad, ipod: You search for “AOL” in the App Store or download via this link.

AOL for Android device: Search AOL Mail on Google Play or download directly via the following link.

Open Aol app on your device, you will see a familiar login interface. Please enter the Username and Password of your AOL mail account exactly. The next time you do not have to log in again.

If you want to log in with another account, please Sign Out and log in with new account.

Problems you often encounters when logging in AOL mail, and how to fix it

There are two cases when you do not log in successfully. “We detected unusual activity,” or “Your Username or Password is incorrect

If your username or password is wrong, please consider carefully and try again. If it still doesn’t work, you can use the Forgot your password feature- you’ll easily find it in the login interface of AOL.

In the case of accounts with unusual activity you need to contact for support or call 855-622-4946 number (in the US) for further instructions (Mon-Fri 8: 00-01: 00 ET and Sat-Sun 8: 00-22: 00 ET)


With detailed instructions on how to register, log in Aol mail mentioned above, you are now able to start using the services of this very popular mail. If there are any issues when using please leave Comments for inquiries.