Top Nike Air Force 1 Hot 2020

Before the year 2020 ends, why don’t we look over at some of the hottest and popular sneaker variations from Nike’s Air Force 1 Collection. Originally, Nike Air Force (which was launched back in 1982) was intended as a basketball sneaker but was later on recognized as Nike's main silhouette.

This caused this sneaker to become one of the most long-lasting shoe models that have garnered worldwide popularity together with Nike Air Max in 1987 and Nike Cortez in 1972.

That said, let Shopgiayreplica 161 Chua Lang take a look at what the following Nike Air Force 1 variants have to offer:

1. Nike Air Force 1 Full White

Nike Af1 trắng has been available since October 2009 and is still one of the most manufactured shoes made by Nike. The footwear was made for both men and women. This low-cut shoe features fine and detailed leather edges finishing up a clean look. The leather upper includes overlays for more durability, fit, and support.

It also has a durable foam midsole which includes a full-length Nike Air unit that acts as a lightweight cushion. It also provides additional protection upon impact. Meanwhile, there are pivot points for the forefoot and heel for a smoother transition.

Lastly, the rubber soles make for an extra layer of durability while the padding at the collars provides the user enhanced comfort.

2. Nike AF1 Shadow Daisy

Shadow Daisy sneaker is one of the most popular designs of Nike Air Force. This design was so popular that even until now, many people purchase this certain style. Due to that, it’s currently out of stock in most stores worldwide. The combination of peach, pink, and white has successfully enticed the female population, especially shoe collectors.

Its design has been deemed aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the female populace, helping it gain much popularity over the years. The layer of the Shadow Daisy contains a double branding design. It also stresses a midsole that highlights the aesthetic design of the classic Nike Air Force.

Its layer style is also composed of multiple mudguards, eye stays, swoosh, and backtabs. It also contains a premium leather cover as an overlay while maintaining that eye-catching design. The midsole and grooving of this sneaker were made from foam to provide the user with more flexible, comfortable, and lightweight footwear.

3. Air Force 1 Dragon Para-noise

Dragon Para-noise design is dedicated to the popular and world-renowned Korean pop star G-DRAGON. The design is inspired by the Kpop star’s perspective of the world. The artwork in the shoes depicts his sense of optimism along with the vision where the youths are a unified structure restricted under creativity and a free exchange of their view.

The midsole part of this Sneaker is made of highly durable foam to ensure that it would not wear out as fast as the other shoes. The Nike Air Force 1 Para-Noise will be reflected by a unique fabrication that will feature a black painted overlay with a daisy embroidered on the tongue.


The overlays will then slowly fade over time to reveal the personal artwork of G-Dragon himself. Removable custom pins will be also placed on the upper eyelets of the shoes. The shoes will be officially released in selected global stores this coming November 23, 2020.

4. Nike Air Force Low Travis Scott Cactus Jack


The Nike Air Force 1 Travis Scott Cactus Jack contains corduroy, camouflage, leather, suede, flannel, and duck canvass all combined to reveal an extra durable shoe. This version is a tribute to the community that helped Travis Scott build his personality. The design was made after his trip to Astroworld and is said to become one of the most popular designs in streetwear.

The durability of this pair of shoes will look like a traditional clothing work which will contain a natural-looking shoe connected to the outdoor atmosphere of Astroworld. The Swoosh part will be made of brown leather to have a unique appearance that will blend perfectly in the quarter and heel part of the shoe.

Meanwhile, the outsole is made of rubber to prevent the user from tripping. The midsole will then be made of a class of foam with high durability. The lace of the sneaker will be covered by corduroy finishing it off with a zipper to have a more unique design.

The Nike Air Force 1 Travis Scott Cactus Jack will be released on November 16, 2020, at selected areas and online stores globally. Even upon release, the sneakers had already garnered so much attention as one of the most unique and aesthetic looking sneakers ever made by Nike.
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