The importance of data in B2B lead generation

At Exclusive Leads Agency we believe success of B2B lead generation is dependent on the data that sales and marketing teams have. Without good-quality data, B2B lead generation cannot be conducted.

Quality lead generation: why data would lead the way in B2B marketing

If SDRs have inaccurate or incomplete contact data for their B2B leads, then it becomes impossible for them to cold call or send outbound emails. If demand generation marketers have imprecise data on their target accounts, then it becomes much harder to create and promote content that converts.

Data is also fundamental to analytics and forecasting. It provides the bedrock for KPIs and benchmarks for individuals and teams; it allows companies to measure their output and results. The insights gained from studying B2B data can be invaluable. Business leaders can quickly see if there are any failings in their B2B lead generation process and make adjustments. The most successful B2B companies are those who keep on top of their data and use it in their day-to-day decision-making.

Driving predictable demand is the goal of every B2B marketer. At Cognism, over the last year, it’s been something we’ve been able to do very well.

In our live webinar, broadcast on 31st March 2020, we talked about how we did it, along with some marketers who are enjoying similar results at their organisations. 

Key takeaways

1 – Channel testing and optimisation

Successful growth marketing is all about finding the channels that work best for you. The key is testing, but it can be hard to know where to start. 

When you run a test, you have to have a clear objective. Without one, you will not know if your test has worked. It’s also best practice to have a hypothesis before you start, which you can then test against. 

Testing can also help you, as well as the rest of your company, understand the intricacies of

2 – Content plans: Getting to Page 1 on Google

Content marketing is a specialist area that can be a significant time and budget commitment, but the rewards can be absolutely massive.

When you create content that drives engagement, you can make it to that all-important first page of Google.

At Cognism, we built a content plan around the key phrase ‘B2B lead generation’, the culmination of which was a 40,000-word

3 – Low-hanging fruit and MVP marketing

Sometimes you don’t have all the resources you need to run huge campaigns; you have to look for the quick wins.

Our panel found results using internal champions. These are people in their company who have a lot of connections and gravitas in the industry.

It could be your CEO or CRO, but it could easily also be a successful SDR who is a machine at making connections. When you have found your champion, use them to help create a buzz around your marketing.

4 – Team structures and roles

How do you structure your team to get your marketing engine going? Our panel of B2B marketing experts shared their thoughts.

Alice changed the team structure in a big way when she joined Cognism just under a year ago. Again, it all comes down to finding what works and bringing in the right people who can get the most from those channels.

If there are people in your team who are specialists in a particular marketing channel, but you find this channel is no longer performing for you, you may have to look at pivoting those roles.
Your team structure will also likely reflect the size and stage of your company. If you are a startup with a smaller marketing team, you may focus more on hiring generalists over specialists.