How to Clean a Swimming Pool After Winter?

There are a few things you need to do before opening up your swimming pool after winter.

The following articles will guide you to in helping how to clean a swimming pool after winter?

Remove the Pool Cover

The initial step it to take off the pool cover. Clean and wash the cover and get rid of the dirt (if it has any) and hang it somewhere to dry.


Give the Swimming Pool a Quick Inspection

Inspect all the parts of the swimming pool for wear and tears, leaks, stains,etc.The pool steps for any dirt or debris that might make it slippery. If there are any get them fixed.


Check the Water Level

The water might evaporated over time in the winter, check the water level and fill in the required amount of water. However, if you use a swimming pool cover it might not be the same case with you.


Remove the Winter Equipments

If you have any pool plugs, ice compensators, or other winter swimming pool equipment remove them as you wont be needing them currently.


Turn the Pump and Filter On

Inspect your filter and pump for damages and dirt. If there are any fix them and clean them.

You might consider using swimming pool accessories to make your pool last long.

Clean the Pool

Clean and scrub the pool if required, check for dirt on the fittings and joints in the steps, pool ladder accessories, walls and filter.


Balance the Pool Chemicals

Check and balance the pool chemicals. Here is a quick guide for ideal levels.

Time to Swim

Once you are done with the above steps, and the pool and the water is clean and clear, with everything running and working, you should be ready to dip in in the pool. The whole process might take some days depending upon the size and type of your swimming pool.