Top 5 Antiviruses

With each passing day, the number of online threats that a web-user is subjected to is only escalating. Every time the preventers come up with a technique to prevent this malware, the attackers develop unique channels to get into the victim's device and steal sensitive information that is capable of ruining his career or bring down a reputed organization. To eradicate such threats, it has become a necessity for the users to have an antivirus installed in their devices to assure that it is completely safe from threats. In the section below, we have provided the 5 best-functioning antivirus software.

Webroot SecureAnywhere

This antivirus has been built to function in the operating systems of both Mac and Windows and is extremely light and swift on the system resources. The installation of this antivirus will hardly take a few seconds and occupy only 2GB of space in the hard drive of the device. Webroot SecureAnywhere has been designed to cover only one device at a time and along with the primary security that it covers, the other privacy features are:

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Norton Antivirus Plus

This antivirus software will work only when combined with the Windows operating system and is an ideal choice when you wish to combat even the latest antivirus. Also, they create little or no impact on the system resources thereby allowing the computer to function with increased speed. Norton Plus is an updated form version of its predecessor that is the Norton Basic. With variable tweaks, customizable options for settings and a URL blocker that allows the user to block any website that seems suspicious, this Antivirus has become one of the most favored armor. It allows frequent scans and disrupts threats whenever it encounters the first sign of malware.

F-secure SAFE

The jack of all trades, F-Secure SAFE has been built to function in Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Some of its primary protection features include

The biggest advantage that F-secure SAFE comes with is that this single software is capable of serving 3 devices at once. Apart from the above-mentioned areas, you can track your lost Android and iOS device if you happen to lose them even if the crucial details are locked or erased from them.


Although the ESET NOD32 has been formulated to work only with the operating system of Windows, it is capable of covering a maximum of 5 devices at the same time. A highly accessible software, here are some of its outshining features

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The 5th member of the list, Kaspersky antivirus to has been aimed at covering the Windows OS and 5 devices at a single go. Rather than going overboard with the contours of web security, Kaspersky targets the core of malware. Through web-filtering, it scans and filters the URLs and IP addresses before they are visited and discourages and blocks them every time they detect something suspicious. Furthermore, some of the other security features of the Kaspersky Antivirus are: