Fighting Drug Abuse In Higher Learning Institutions

The aspect of drug addiction has been on the rise in the recent past with the higher education students being the most affected. The reason for this has been due to peer pressure as well as personal and family issues. Therefore, it important to set up drug rehab centers in higher learning institutions in order to assist in reinstating the affected students. If this is not possible, probably due to financial constraints, it is advisable for the school management to facilitate access to such centers of which the majority of them can be accessed online. These centers will be of help in higher education institutions in various ways as discussed below:

Peer support entails giving assistance to victims that have similar kind of problem to attain successful treatment. Within the higher institution of learning, identifying youths with similar kind of problem and helping them solve their problem is less strenuous. Individuals who engage in peer support tend to get healed much faster. Setting up a rehabilitation center in a higher learning institution can facilitate peer support during treatment therapy.

Setting up a rehabilitation center in a higher learning institution will create room for internship and volunteer programs. Students will find it convenient to practice within the set drug rehab, more so for the social work students. Rehabilitation centers in higher institutions will also provide an opportunity for recovering addicts to share their stories with other students. This will in one way or the other ignite hope for drug addicts who probably might be yearning to abandon their behavior.

There are a number of students who need treatment for substance abuse but only a few manage to get treated due to the inaccessibility of drug rehab centers. Therefore, when the accessibility to these centers is made easy, more students will receive the necessary services. Depending on the level of addiction, group therapy would be much easier for the students in the same institution hence getting along would much easier.

 Excessive alcohol and drug consumption is a common trend in colleges and universities. Actually, research shows full-time college students are twice likely to be drug addicts than those not enrolled in colleges. The main reason for this is peer pressure in these institutions, especially during recreation and entertainment. As a result, setting up drug rehab centers would help reduce the levels of substance abuse.

Higher education students are tasked with many responsibilities from the realms of both social and academic life. For the lazy students, balancing the two can sometimes be tough especially due to the aspect of procrastination which ultimately results in increased workload. To tackle this load, some students will go for drugs to keep them awake long enough to beat the deadline. Most of the drugs taken are not prescribed and with time addiction encroaches. A rehabilitation center within the institution would, therefore, help the victims before the situation worsens.