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Play Book of Ra online

If you want to play Book of Ra online, you can now choose between three different variants. The Stargames online casino is one of the providers that carry all three versions. The fact that the game has been reissued and improved over and over again shows that it is one of the most popular slots and that Novoline wants to provide players with an ever better gaming experience.

Play Book of Ra online - which variant should it be

Players can now choose between the following game versions of Book of Ra:

Book of Ra Classic

Book of Ra Deluxe

Book of Ra Deluxe 6

If you want to play Book of Ra online, you have such a large selection here as hardly any other slot on the market. Which version the final decision is made on is of course a matter of taste, but there are some arguments in favor of trying the 6 version at least once.

 The differences between the versions

Of course, what first catches the eye is the optimized graphics of the newer versions. Everything is much more detailed and looks even more modern. But even during the game, more and more differences become apparent. There are 5 reels each in the Classic and in the normal Deluxe version. With the Deluxe 6 version there are already 6. And while the Classic version still managed with 9 profit lines, with the Deluxe and Deluxe 6 already 10 profit lines can be activated. And more paylines means an even bigger chance of winning. The number of possible free spins (10) remains the same for all 3 variants. But the gambling limit, which was still x4500 in the Classic version, has been increased to x5000 in the two newer versions. If you win 5 books, you won 1800 times the stake in the Classic version. With the deluxe version it is already 2000 times and with the deluxe 6 version even 4000 times the use. It looks even better when 5 researchers are turned down. With the Deluxe 6 version, the player can expect a payout of 15,000x. With the Classic variant you could only win 5000 times the stake with 5 researchers. So there is a lot to be said for getting into the game directly with the Deluxe or Deluxe 6 version instead of trying out the Classic version first.

Book of Ra slot machine

The Book of Ra slot machine has become one of the most popular casino games. The game is offered online by several casinos. The game can be played with play money or real money. The Book of Ra slot machine was developed by the Novoline company.

Who is Novoline?

Behind the very popular and popular slot machines with the brand name Novoline is Novomatic, an Austrian group of companies. The history of this house began in the 1970s with the construction of pinball machines. Today Novomatic AG is one of the leading slot machine manufacturers in the world and is the owner of several casinos. The Novoline online casino has been available from selected gambling providers since 2010. Success was inevitable: years before that, fans asked in Internet forums when they could play the Book of Ra online for real money. Now it's online!

Novoline machines in the online real money casino are:

  1. offers its players an abundance of casino games that are known from the major casinos in Las Vegas and an attractive bonus of up to 1600 euros. However, the Book of Ra slot machine cannot be found here.
  2. But at you can even play the new deluxe version of the Book of Ra slot machine. First with play money and then with real money. There are also attractive bonuses at this Casio.
  3. also has the Book of Ra slot machine in its selection. The deluxe version has an attractive gamble feature. After every win the player can with a little luck increase his winnings a lot. Playing the popular Book of Ra game for real money is the supreme discipline. It is not for nothing that the Greek god Ra was the godfather of this game.
  4. also offers the Book of Ra slot machine as an online game.

What is so different about the new Book of Ra slot machine?

Anyone who loves the world of slot machines is sure to be enthusiastic about this game, which Novomatic made successful in Germany. The Book of Ra slot machine is the result of the amazing success of the classic game version.

The Book of Ra slot machine Deluxe has greatly improved graphics, sound and 3D effects that increase the fun factor. To the online version, Novoline has transferred the same rules for slot machines that are already played in real gambling halls.

Book of Ra slot machine bonus function in the deluxe version!

The bonus function in the new version of the Book Of Ra slot machine online has clearly attracted German players

In the course of the bonus games, a player's chances of winning can be significantly increased by means of an extended symbol. The extended symbol automatically selects a random number generator of the VLT (video lottery terminal) at the beginning of a bonus round and it remains active during the entire bonus round.

Finally, it is a great advantage of this online game compared to traditional slot machines that it does in fact have a significantly higher payout. In the online game, the payout of> 96% is achieved, which is bindingly determined monthly by the responsible supervisory authorities. This must be published on the website of the authority and also of the casino. The Book of Ra slot machine simply increases the fun in the casino!