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Better House Buyers™ Is Offering $1,000 Referral Fees For Vacant Properties

Do you know of a property that is vacant and you would like $1,000 in cash? Well, today could be your lucky day.

Better House Buyers™ is a cash home buyer, based out of Smyrna Georgia. They purchase several properties every month and are running out of houses to acquire. This is your chance to make $1,000 in cash if you know a home is unoccupied.

The term "vacant" implies a property that is unoccupied and not used by the owner or renters. The property must be suitable to live in, which means it must be capable of being lived in once repairs are completed.

If you come across a home that is available and would like to take advantage of this offer, please visit our website listed below. Better House Buyers™ will purchase the property in hours or even minutes if possible.

Better House Buyers™ buys houses on a Cash basis. Cash means exactly how it sounds; they will come out-of-pocket with the cash you need the same day your house is inspected. If you're wondering why Better House Buyers can pay cash for houses in this state, there are a few factors at play. Local banks frequently short sell these sorts of properties before they go into foreclosure, which is one reason. The bank is able to sell the property quickly and for a lower price to Better House BuyersTM than it would have if it had to wait for foreclosure, which might take months or even years depending on how much the home owes.

All you have to do is fill out the form on their website, and if they call you to provide information about the property and request a referral fee of $1,000 in cash, that's it. Better House Buyers™ will pay you a finders fee if it buys the home from the owner and you don't need to know the owner's name or phone number, just the address of the vacant property! Better House Buyers™ will pay a finder's fee as long as the property is unoccupied.

This We Buy Houses for Cash program is available in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Fill out the form on their website and get in touch with them when they call you to give them information about the property. Mention that you'd like a $1,000 referral fee in cash for delivering them the vacant house facts. You'll get paid if Better House Buyers purchases the property from the owner and you don't even have to have the owner's name or phone number! As long as the property is vacant, Better House Buyers pay you if they close escrow on the property!

Better House Buyers™ is currently buying these types of properties: Vacant Land, Single Family Houses, Condos, Apartment Complexes, Mobile Home Parks, Commercial Buildings, and more! If you're still confused, go to their website and call them to learn more about it.

Better House BuyersTM is now offering a $1,000 referral fee to anyone who passes them vacant home information for the holidays. If you know of a vacant residence that you'd want to sell for $1,000, fill out the brief form on their website and they will contact you when they buy it!

It's really easy to get paid: fill out the form on their website and inform them about any vacant properties so they can contact the owner. You don't need the owner's phone number or anything; as long as it's unoccupied and in good shape, Better House Buyers™ will purchase it from the owner without issue. Once they buy the property and close escrow, they will contact you with your $1,000 referral bonus.

The key to this deal is getting as much information as possible about the houses and forwarding the information to Better House Buyers™. The more information and photographs you can give them, the more likely they will be to purchase it! Photos are quite crucial since the Better House Buyers team will be able to evaluate the condition and provide proof to the homeowner if they reside out of state and may have been unaware that their vacant home was decaying.

Better House Buyers™ takes pride in revitalizing communities and neighborhoods. They have been operating for more than 10 years in Georgia and have recently started expanding through the entire country. They work with numerous banks, lenders, and property owners to acquire all sorts of properties quickly for cash.

The team at Better House Buyers™ Sell My House Fast Atlanta GA understands that selling your house can be difficult enough, so why not try something you never have done before? By providing a fair price for a property, cash house buyers are able to purchase properties fast.

There are always difficulties in life, whether it's financial or personal difficulties, which is why we provide cash with no strings attached to help you Buy A Home. Cash house buyers can relieve these issues by providing money right now. You won't have to make any more mortgage payments after they acquire your property. Consider allowing Cash homebuyers to take over your payments so you can relax and enjoy knowing the vacant house is no longer a problem.

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