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4 Tips to Launch a Successful Business Idea to the market

Creating a business idea and turning it into something successful is the dream of many people. Who hasn't wanted to be their own boss? Earn money from the comfort of your couch? We can assure that we have all thought about it at least once. But the reality is different, and it is that only the true entrepreneur makes a dream come true and, better still, that dream gives him enough to live on it.

We all have a bit of entrepreneurial wood, but unfortunately we do not recognize it or for fear of failure we do not dare to take a path that guarantees our financial freedom. Where do you think is the difference between those who have already achieved it and those who have not? We believe that in part everything depends on courage and not being afraid of failure, because, as they say around there: “the worst lap is the one that is not done”.

If you think that you have a business idea with all the possibilities of being successful and you feel that you have the resources to achieve your dream, take off and on our side we leave you some tips to make your business idea successful .

4 secrets to make your business idea successful

We believe that it is impossible to describe to you step by step everything you must do to make your business idea a resounding success . However, there are general aspects that make a project devised in your mind become your life support. Well here we go!

# 1.-  If there is passion, everything will flow better

One of the fundamentals that every entrepreneur defends is the idea of loving what they do and to make your business idea a success, the first thing you should check is that what you have in mind moves your fibers.


The passion for what you do will be the engine that motivates you to do whatever is necessary to make the project run alone . In those moments of discouragement, in which you feel that it is best to give up, the only thing that will motivate you will be the fact that you love what you do.

In fact, it is a statement by Aabhas Vijay, an email marketing entrepreneur who is today the founder and CEO of

, a company with giving the best SAAS software advice in the world.

Although initially his first venture was not out of passion but out of necessity (to have a computer), a long time later, he realized that his most treasured venture (Bunny Inc) was related to the world of technology , computing and the use of a PC.

The passion and desire to start his own project led him to ask for a loan at the bank when he was only 14 years old. Everyone in the bank laughed at the situation because they did not understand how a child was requesting a loan. But he caught the attention of the bank manager who, after asking a series of questions about why he needed a loan, loved his idea, the passion of little Alex and on the third day he was granted the long-awaited loan.

Here is a bit of its history:

Now, stepping on the ground, we are clear that loving what you do will not be the only thing you must have to start an innovative and successful idea, you also have to review other aspects, such as:

# 2.-  Study your natural Talent

Before leaving on a path full of obstacles, challenges and challenges that test your own ability to do things well, ask yourself if your talent is enough to carry out a business idea to success. If you think you are good at something, do it.

For now, do not think about the form of financing, in a Marketing Plan , in creating Social Networks . Rather, work to polish your talents, those skills that in practice make you look like an expert, think a bit What do you like to do the most? What do you do best? Is there an opportunity to make those skills profitable? So let's get to it!

Take the example of John, another entrepreneur, founder and CEO of his blog various projects on the web. His natural talent is related to computing, web programming and computing.

Freddy Vega is now a model entrepreneur, creator of Cristalab, Tia Xime and Platzi, an online school that is dedicated to training people who share the same passion as him: the world of computing. Without a doubt, a perfect example of how to start a successful business taking into account your natural talent .

# 3.-  Think of a different business idea

The current market is very competitive, wherever you see you will find proposals similar to each other, but we assure you that some of these will determine their value in differentiation.

It may be very difficult to have a different idea, innovative and never proposed in the market , although that would be the ideal scenario. But what you can do is show it in a different way, including aspects that make it stand out and look different is the secret for your business idea to be successful .

An example of a different and unique venture in the market is Open English, devised by Andrés Moreno and William Sarmiento, two Venezuelans who knew very well the importance of learning a new language.

They devised a digital platform where anyone in any part of the world could access and study English in a fast, efficient and highly innovative way. With this platform there were no excuses for traffic, schedule, time. You could study when you wanted and at the time you could.

Today Open English is valued at $ 350 million, serving more than 400,000 students in more than 20 countries.

Seeing the success of his business and the effectiveness of online studies, in 2014 Andrés Moreno decided to venture with Next University, a platform for the teaching of digital technology.

Today, there are many companies that are offering the same Open English service, which undoubtedly shows the profitability of the idea of Andrés Moreno, who dared to think big and do things differently from others .

# 4.- Evaluate How good is your business idea?

The fact that a good business idea is on your mind does not mean that profitability is assured. So to ensure that you obtain a positive ROI and that the business is sustainable over time,  do a market study to determine, through the Buyer Persona himself, if your idea sells.

That is, verify that the proposal you have in mind will be accepted by the niche you are targeting, but also, obtain recommendations, observations and ideas from who will soon be your clients.

We present the example of iKiora, a fairly genuine business model established in Spain. This Marketplace was started to meet the needs of B2B businesses, but since it did not work , they changed the idea to meet the needs of the end consumer.

Their business idea is that the customer asks for anything and they gladly take it home in less than an hour. "Order whatever" can be any item in the store or restaurant food and they take care of managing the order.

The idea is innovative because they do not have their own warehouse full of products, nor do they have permanent staff to carry customer orders. They simply contact the store that has the product that the customer requests and work with freelance distributors who indicate, through a mobile app , when they are available to make deliveries and when not. You can refer here for any advice on how to use free autoresponders for email marketing for your new business.


This business model turned out really good because all three participating parties win. iKiora organizes the information about the stores that have the product that the customer wants, the stores that do not have delivery service have the opportunity to sell more without paying someone to deliver the orders and finally new direct, but freelance jobs are generated. Freelance distributors are the ones who get the best prize as they keep 70% of the cost of product delivery and iKiora with 30%

It's a really good business idea, don't you think?

Now, going back to your business idea, if after doing the survey you believe that it has been validated in a positive way and will achieve the success you expect , start working on your Marketing Mix now , create your business plan, seek advice from mentor and funding to start with which will give you financial freedom once and for all. 

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