PatentReal Corporation by Roberto Hroval Unleashes the Revolutionary Product Reincarnation Technology

Roberto Hroval, the founder and Chairman of PatentReal, has released the revolutionary Product Reincarnation Technology™ that can change the future of waste management across the globe. The Hong Kong-based enterprise, headed by Roberto Hroval, is known for presenting its series of innovative technologies with respect to waste management and green energy. In the pursuit of minimizing waste generation all across the world, PatentReal Corporation has recently launched its flagship technology, aimed at resolving waste management issues globally.

Product Reincarnation Technology – or PRT – is a major achievement in the field of effective waste management. The technology transforms worn-out and discarded items into energy-efficient products, such as fuel, electricity, or even into brand new original products. As per the company, the zero emissions PRT technology is capable of offering over 85 percent of energy efficiency and 98% of economic use. That is, 98% of everything that comes out of the reactor is monetized.

As such, this serves to be a groundbreaking technology that can be utilized by major industries and companies all around the world for effectively managing the huge amounts of waste generated.

Roberto Hroval says, “At PatentReal, we are delighted to announce the overall availability of the breakthrough PRT technology towards changing the future of effective waste management. Product Reincarnation Technology™ is a famous green technology that is capable of transforming the circular economy by making use of the waste, discarded, or worn-out products and converting them into useful and sellable goods. The technology also provides a major potential for achieving the improved energy life cycle and reducing the carbon dioxide emissions significantly. We are pleased to announce that energy investors and experts all around the world are acknowledging the opportunities and benefits provided by this advanced technology.”

What exactly is Product Reincarnation Technology™

Product Reincarnation Technology™ is the energy-efficient process of transforming used, worn-out, and discarded items into new, useful, and energy-efficient ones. The revolutionary energy-efficient technology is known to work the best on hydrocarbon products including plastics, tires, textiles, oils, and others. In the given PRT process, the worn-out products are decomposed under thermal reaction at lower temperatures. As a result, heat emanates due to increased temperatures. Therefore, the output releases in the liquid and gaseous forms. These forms can be either utilized as high-end energy products or for the further waste management of additional processes.
In a typical PRT process, the production procedure has two steps:Both of the steps represent the full cycle of Product Reincarnation Technology™ process.

Worldwide praise and high expectations

Due to the innovative approach of achieving effective waste management across the globe, the advanced PRT process has been receiving impetus from all around. As such, the experts and technology innovators from all around the world have acclaimed the importance of the PRT process. The technology has received ample praise from the technology experts in Europe and the Middle East. Abdulla J. Al Nowais, Al-Nowais Group’s CEO and Founder in Abu Dhabi, claims, “Looking forward to exploring the energy-efficient opportunities in Abu Dhabi, we aim at harnessing this groundbreaking technology ensuring economic as well as environmental benefits.”

Adding more compliments to the given PRT technology, Josef Kluy from BluechemGroup, a billion-dollar company in Germany, says that “PRT process serves to be an ingenious invention” and can transform the face of the world with respect to waste management.

Professor Zvonimir Steiner, a leading scientist at J. J. Strossmayer University, claims that the PRT system ensures a high energy efficiency of 95 percent with no emissions. The self-sufficient power supply system of PRT serves to be a major advantage to the entire production process. This is because the gas that gets generated is returned to the production process. Moreover, there is the absence of any external energy source that comes with a self-sufficient reactor cooling system. Even the water gets recycled during the production process.

PatentReal Corporation, an exclusive provider of PRC, is a Hong Kong-based company that provides a comprehensive range of innovative energy solutions. The company headed by Roberto Hroval is best known for its impressive range of top-quality solutions and innovations in the field of green energy. PatentReal Corporation is also known to make major investments in the fields of energy, resources, and knowledge for uplifting the energy sector.

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