Thailand travel and tour Guide

Every year about 16 million foreigners fly to Thailand for tourism. Thailand has become the primary travel destination. When you travel to Thailand, you'll find how cultural integrity has been maintained here.

Here we have the full Thailand travel and tour guide for you!

If you're going to Thailand, then decide two things- when you want to go and what you want to do? From the North to the South Thailand visitors will get various scene, sight and outdoor activities to do! Here we have listed some places to visit in Thailand!

1. Bangkok-

The clash of modernity and tradition is most intense in Bangkok. It is the first stop for visitors, and here you can explore historical temples, eighteenth-century grand palace, and canalside markets. Travellers with budget head to banglamphu district. You have to be a little careful of you will end up selling your shoes and watching DVDs when you run out of money. This district is far from Bangkok and has the benefits of short walks to sights like Rattanakosin, and the national museum!

2. Chiang Mai- 

If you are thinking about where to visit in the North, then go to Chiang mai. Chaing Mai has both a vibrant cultural centre and attractive history, and strong traditional art. Here you can do various outdoor activities, and massage and hot springs can be enjoyed it pai. Pai is a cosmopolitan hill station for our northwest to Chaing mai. You can also plan day trips to the ancient temples of Lamphun and do trekking.

3. Khao Yai national park- 

Another best place to visit in Thailand is the Khao Yai national park. The park encapsulates the diversity of Thailand's fauna and flora. Visitors can explore waterfalls wildlife and orchid by themselves! It has five distinct forests rising to 1,351m in height. The park is home to 300 word and 20 land mammal species.

Best time to visit- 

Thailand weather consists of three seasons that is a rainy season from May to October, cool November to February, and hot march to May. Cool-season is the time when you can visit Thailand to have a pleasant experience. In the hot season, you can hit the beach. But the cool season is the best because to temperature is manageable and there is less rain. Best waterfalls are in full spate and have the upland flower bloom.

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