PayPal Cracks Down on Essay Writing Services


We live in an era of increasing censorship, in which social media companies, payment processors, and even banks are imposing harsher restrictions on their customers. One of the most significant companies engaging in censorship is PayPal, the world’s leading payment processor. Millions of people and countless businesses around the world rely on PayPal to make payments and transfer money, meaning that getting banned from using the service can be a major blow.

In recent months, PayPal has been cracking down on essay writing services at the behest of governments, who allege that the services help students to cheat. Many essay writing services use PayPal to both process orders from students as well as pay their writers, meaning that a ban from the service can be greatly damaging.

PayPal and Essay Writing Services

Like many other types of online businesses, essay writing services typically turn to PayPal for fast, easy payment processing. PayPal’s ease of use, worldwide availability, and low fees make it an ideal way to collect payment from students who use these services. Additionally, PayPal also makes it easy for essay writing services to pay their writers.

While there are some competing payment processors such as Dwolla, no platform offers the flexibility and freedom that PayPal does. This is why PayPal’s new crackdown on essay writing services is so worrying.

Why PayPal is Banning Essay Writing Services

PayPal has begun banning essay writing services at the behest of the U.K. government, which has begun a push against academic cheating. In March, U.K. Education Secretary Damian Hinds called on PayPal to ban essay writing services, arguing that it is “unethical” for PayPal to profit from the “dishonest business” of essay writing.

This is despite the fact that essay writing services are not illegal, either in the U.K. or in other countries where they operate. Essay writing services merely write essays for students on chosen topics, with the actual use of the essay solely up to the student’s discretion. For over a decade, essay writing services have been a vital part of the academic experience, allowing students to pass their courses, learn the material, graduate, and move on to fulfilling careers.

Despite all this, PayPal has announced that it will begin scrutinizing essay writing services more closely, and has already banned a number of services from their platform. PayPal has not initiated a blanket ban on essay writing services, but is instead individually reviewing each service to determine which ones are facilitating cheating and which ones are offering legitimate tutoring assistance.

What Essay Writing Services Can Do

The fact that PayPal is reviewing essay writing services on a case-by-case basis is an extremely good thing for services that are above board. While it’s true that less scrupulous essay writing services will find themselves in hot water under the new rules, reputable tutoring services will be able to accommodate the new regime.

In general, an essay writing service should take pains to ensure that its products are being used for legally acceptable purposes. This is not hard because, as mentioned above, essay writing services are perfectly legal. Essay writing services that are targeted towards helping students pass their courses will have little to fear under the new regime, though they should review their businesses beforehand just to be safe.

The Future

It is likely that regulations on essay writing services will get more stringent as the years go on. Governments are looking to crack down on essay writing businesses for a myriad of reasons, and PayPal’s new policies are the result of concerted pressure from the U.K. government. It is clear that new restrictions and legislation are on the way that will make doing business that much more difficult.

Having said that, it is possible to adapt to the changing business environment. Honest essay writing services will be able to weather the storm and survive the coming seismic shifts. If your business is reliant on PayPal, you should do everything you can to stay in compliance with the new regulations, as well as anticipating any future changes that the company will make.

Additionally, you may also want to consider alternate payment processing solutions. While PayPal remains far and away the most used and useful payment processor, it is worth having a backup in the event that the worst-case scenario happens. With prudent planning and honest dealings, essay writing services will be able to survive and thrive into the future, helping students achieve their academic goals, earn their degrees, and obtain the careers of their dreams.