Online Psychic Hotline Reading - Cheap Scams or Real!

Important Update – Today are posting their annual review for the “Best Online Psychic Hotline of the Year”. Each year the company researches and ranks the top 10 sites that offer all types of psychic services and give their customers more than enough information to make an informed choice when it comes to psychic readings, groups, and services.

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Many people are searching for psychic help online or over the phone, but the number one problem they all meet is the lack of trust in the offerings. After all, they are all just sites with phone numbers or chat rooms or even just a simple email address to connect with the psychic of their choice. Some sites even offer money-back guarantee and so on, but how do you know if the psychic is a real one?

Here to answer that question and many more is Kelly Green. She says that lots of people just search online for the word psychic and choose whichever site comes up on the front page. This can lead to a lot of shady sites and services that are out there just to deceive people out of their money or even worse – steal their personal information. The solution to this problem is finding a site that extensively and periodically reviews all the major and minor companies in the field. surveys over 100 sites per year and identifies the ones that deliver the best, most accurate psychic readings for their customers. When rankings those psychic sites and phone numbers are taken into consideration things like rating and reviews from real users, Better Business Bureau and other reports and more factors. Each psychic company gets a score and the final report is published.

'Spotting the fake psychics is kind of easy! Revealing the fraudsters helps the true and genuine psychics out there to keep helping the people in need.' says Kelly Green. The companies team has extensive knowledge and great insight into most of the websites being surveyed, so their research is very thorough and reliable.

The main thing anyone, looking for any psychic help, should look for is trustworthiness. Do you feel comfortable trusting someone you just met with all your secrets? Everyone knows that trust is not easily built.You must work on it, earn it, and then work hard again to keep it. There are a great many sites on the Internet that offer hundreds or even thousands of psychics to connect with. The question is can you trust them? Kelly prefer to select a few sites that they have vetted and tested and give the best one the coveted “ Best Psychic Hotline or Website of the Year” title.

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The process of evaluation includes – verifying the accuracy of the psychic readings; what is the scope of the offered readings; extensive research into the companies that offer the services – their reputation in the industry; the satisfaction rate of their customers and at last the price charged per seance or reading. “Going solely by price is the second mistake most customers do!” confirms Mrs. Green.


PsychicHotline is an industry-leading online psychic reading and ranking website. The website is run primarily by Kelly Green who have spent thousands on different psychic readings from many providers and this experience has given her the ability to recognize the fakes from the real one. The website owner created the site with the sole goal of connecting the customers with the best, brightest, and most trusted on the online psychics on the Internet. Of course as with any compilation this is not a full list and some sites might have been missed in the process.