Namesilo Review and Coupon Codes

From my personal observation, a lot of the new customers are dissatisfied with their previous registrar and moving to Namesilo because of their dependable service, simple user interface, lifetime free WHOIS privacy and not to mention their lowest everyday regular price of domain names with the availability of large pool of domain name extensions. They do not use tricky sugar coated marketing tack ticks like other registrars. Instead, customers come from word of mouth, from forum discussions, customer reviews on their blog & social media channels. It means that you will not receive tons of email bombs regarding domain name renewal. You will also not get lost in the confusing dashboard and check out process.

They do not do hard pushing additional product or service up-sells or offer a different price for domain name registration and renewal and last but not the least you will not pay the hefty price for WHOIS privacy at Namesilo. They even make Namesilo coupon codes available for new domain name registration, domain name transfer from time to time for different domain name extensions. Trust me, even without the Namesilo coupon code, and they already offer the best domain name deals in the market offering the cheapest price. No doubt that people are transferring their domains to Namesilo. On that note, if you want to experience the simplest and easiest domain name registration process, try Namesilo, and you will not be disappointed. You will fall in love with their simple and clutter less domain name management dashboard too.

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Namesilo Domain Name Pricing

Money is a good motivator and a deciding factor. I do not see any fault in this approach. Even I think everybody should consider this monetary factor along with other factors. If you are considering purchasing a new domain name, there are two things to keep in mind. I will explicitly say what I think then explain. If you are going to buy a domain name for just a single year and there is no chance that you will renew the domain name. You may go with any domain name registrar who is offering cheapest domain name registration promotion. But if you think for a moment that you may renew the domain name for the second year or keep the domain name for many years to come, then register the domain name with Namesilo. Here is why – most domain name registrars offer domain names at a promotional price or offer promotional coupon codes for domain name registration most of the time. They have promotional offers and coupons running now and then. Their first-year domain name price may be very attractive for some and hard to resist, but you will come back to reality when they charge an enormous hefty price for domain name renewal. They even charge you for WHOIS Privacy every year. Some companies charge for the second year keeping the first year free. Don’t fall for that trick. So registering a temporary domain name for a year is okay but keeping the domain name for multiple years is just foolish and don’t forget the extra renewal cost and the WHOIS privacy protection cost. Now consider registering a domain name with Namesilo, domain name price at Namesilo is very cheap. You pay the same low price for domain name registration and renewal. You even get free lifetime WHOIS privacy protection with every domain name for no extra cost. That’s no joke people. So if you are registering your personal domain name or your business domain name for multiple years, just close your eyes and register your domain names with Namesilo. Hey don’t close your eyes during domain name registration, I was just kidding.  Another thing is Namesilo does not charge ICANN fee of USD 18 cents on domain names and offers WHOIS privacy for free for lifetime. These costs are already included in their regular cheap domain name pricing. But some other well-known domain name registrars make banks on these fees during checkout. There are no hidden or tricky costs associated with Namesilo.

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Namesilo Support

To be honest, you do not need support from Namesilo. Trust me, I am with them for the last couple of years but never had an issue that needed the attention of Namesilo support team. If you require support, you may use their live chat support or email support. They respond to you fast any time during the day. But most of the time you will not need their help because they have a rich knowledge base. They provide dependable service. So as long as you can read standard English instructions in the dashboard and know how to use their knowledge base, you will be okay.