How to Register for Alice Mail Personal Account

Alice's mail is a reliable mail service. A number of improvements have emerged that have increased the popularity of this excellent email server. The personal account can be created from the TIM version, from the Fiber ADLS package or without an account, you will find an excellent perspective to register your account immediately.

After Completing these steps using your email and password you can easily Alice mail accesso

How to Set up Windows Live Mail for Alice Mail
To configure, you should follow this simple procedure:
  1. Open a Windows Live Mail window
  2. at the bottom left, click on mail.
  3. Click the account tab, and then click e-mail.
  4. Enter the email address, password, and name to display and then click next.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen and then click Next.
  6. Click Add another email account if you want to add more accounts or click finish to start using Windows Live Mail.
  7. Receive and send e-mail messages
  8. Enter the connection parameters to receive and send e-mail messages :
  9. In incoming mail server: select PQP3, at this point Enter the following data in the mail server field (PQP3):
  10. The outgoing name (SMTP) e-mail server: enter the following data:
  11. Username including (eg and the password provided by Telecom Italia, select the option that says "Save password", then you will need to click on "end" and then they say it is the Windows Live Mail downloads new emails from the server.
Instead, to enable the output authentication (SMTP authentication) option, the procedure is as follows:
In the folder which is called the server, select the required server authentication option, you will need to click on the configuration button and select and use the same configuration as your incoming mail server and then click OK.

To send, you need to change the numerical value of the outgoing mail (SMTP) in advanced settings; replace the default number 25 with the value 587.