2 Quick High School Fundraising Ideas that Make Money

Help your high school students succeed at fundraising 

We all know that raising money is voluntary. But you should communicate to your students that to be a viable group member, it should be an expectation. They should see it as a privilege to be a part of the organization and be willing to give back in return. Fundraisers are no different than any other group activity. In fact, the group won't survive without funding.  

Getting students to see the group’s challenges and objectives should be a primary goal. Furthermore, getting them to understand how they benefit is important as well. But the ultimate aim is to find high school fundraising ideas that yield results. And once you've found your sales product, getting the most out of it is critical.  

Yet students can gain in ways beyond the financial impact. Fundraisers teach them important life skills that they'll be able to use later. Communicating their cause to others is important. To be able to sell or persuade others will come in handy. Setting daily goals and achieving it gives them a sense of accomplishment. It's a great way to learn cause and effect. 

Overcoming obstacles is something we all have to deal with. We’ll all face various tests. Hurdles are a part of our lives and how we deal with them will determine our fate. Students need to be equipped with important life skills and fundraisers can help play a role. 

This is an opportunity to communicate a powerful message about striving for goals. In the end, students get to see the fruits of their labor. This is perhaps the most important lesson.  

Unlike their younger siblings, high school students have a built-in advantage. They're more capable of understanding and incorporating more advanced selling techniques. This can lead to more sales. 

Students who take advantage of these methods almost always reach their sales. You can provide them with helpful fundraising tools so they can flourish. So, instead of just telling your students to go out and "do their best", give them a game plan. 

You should incorporate the following 2 sales tools at your kickoff meeting.  

1. Use Sales Prospect Lists 

Have your students create a list of prospects to contact. These are people they know and feel will likely buy from them. This is a simple exercise that should take about 5 minutes. Consider doing this towards the end of your kickoff meeting.  

There are 2 reasons why it's important your students know who to approach before they head out the door.  

1. They have a roadmap to follow  
2. Game plans build confidence  

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Planning gives your students the opportunity to set and reach for goals. This helps them stay focused and on track. And because of this, they can also measure and evaluate their success along the way.  

And because they're are tracking their progress, they'll receive much needed feedback. This helps instill confidence and gives them a feeling of certainty. As students check off the names on their list they get a sense of accomplishment.  

2. High School Fundraising Ideas Need Relevancy 

Too many high school sponsors tell their students to sell without any sort of a goal. That's like failing to tell the taxi cab driver where you need to go.  

If your students know where the finish line is they'll know how to pace themselves. 

Understanding what's expected and how big the job is gives provides some light at the end of the tunnel.

Assuming you've already done the math, the next step is explaining why. Students need a reason. Fundraising is hard work so if they can relate to the mission, all the better. 

You can bring the message home in a tangible way. Consider having them complete their own expenses worksheet. Let's say you’ve determined that each student needs to raise $300 for new uniforms. Ask them account for the needed money. This way they can take ownership in what they're doing.  

Helping your students internalize the mission in this way will enhance their experience.