What is the difference between a circular saw and a miter saw?

Circular saw help you cut tip cutting, rip cutting means that you need to make a long continuous cut through the grain. Also you can do cross cutting, cutting for small boards and ply wood cutting with it as well can be done. You would require a track to keep the circular saw straight for a long cutting.

This circular saw comes for both left-handed people and right-handed, whichever suits you, you can get it for yourself. The average size of blade that is available commonly is 7 ¼-inches. So be careful while selecting the right type of circular saw for your big projects.

Miter saw makes accurate crosscut, angles cuts and all type of precise cutting with different measurements. A miter saw is also known as chop saw not for cutting metals but the design of the chop saw is similar to the miter saw. Slight difference between chop saw and miter saw is this that chop saw has a special blade that do not cause sparks and fire else there is not much difference between them. You can get miter saw with blade size varying from 7-inches to 12-inches

Circular saws are more versatile than the miter saw so while making choice between these both saw circular saw is the answer to your question. Circular saw offer you cordless drill that let you make it use around-the-house type stuff. Where as the miter saw mainly deals with cutting miter and squaring up the edges on the wooden board.

When discussing about the other factors of these both saws. Circular saw cost less than the miter saw ranging from $40 to $100, here circular saw seems to win. But when talking about the ease and flexibility miter saw is seems to win as the control over the machine is feasible. Also you can set angles in multiple directions, at first it might seem useless but later things could sound really useful as you can get numerous variety of cuts and patterns on the work piece.

So sort out the nature of the job you need to carry out as it will determine the correct power tool for your usage. Definitely both the power tools hold great value on their own, but it is the application that has to imply over the choice you make. Go through the details, set your mind and then make purchase of the suitable power tool.