Tooth Restorations: And the Sad Truth About my Bad Travel Habits

I like to think I have a responsible, healthy, overall good habits. I eat healthy, I treat myself and others with regard, and I’ve got a foolproof rubric for effective travelling. When I do make mistakes, or make bad choices, the issue seems usually to come to a head in dramatic fashion.

Natural consequences

I like to pack extremely lightly when travelling. I figure it’s two for the price of one; I’m limber when all I have is a carry-on (plane or back) and I also, blend in with local cultures by wearing locally purchased fashion. The only problem is when this habit complicates another habit I have, namely: not keeping my wallet in my back pocket.

When it first happened, I was on board an Airbus taking off on a transatlantic journey to France. I don’t know what cued the memory, but it was around the moment of takeoff that I realized all of my payment information was in a jacket next to the front door of my home. One of the unavoidable consequences to this was I didn’t have money enough to buy clothes or food at the destination. I was so thankful to have ma famille en France to help me out of the jam.

This is what I mean by things coming to a dramatic head to teach me about the natural consequences of my habits and choices. Another example of this phenomenon is hinted at in the too long title to this posting.

Social costs I can live with

No one puts lightly their vrai pens├ęs about my bad oral habits. I don’t usually find time to brush my teeth when I am on the road or abroad, and my friends all think that’s “gross”, “disgusting”, and an “abomination”. I must admit that I take pleasure in my behaviour being an affront to my sissy friends’ delicate sensibilities, but that’s not why I do it.

Not brushing doesn’t conflict with my pack-light philosophy, nor, of course, does it present a financial challenge. No. If I am being completely honest, I am lazy and I don’t like brushing my teeth.

Before you judge me, consider that we all have a habit that others might find disagreeable and betrays a very base human flaw in all of us. For some people, it’s picking their nose in private, or for others, is some other less mentionable picadillo. At any rate, there it is. This is part of who I am. And, I must say that no one really cared at the work site where I helped build a school in Uganda. Nor did anyone say a word about it in the refugee camps of Lebanon or Turkey.

The behavior, however, is not consequence free. Recently, I’ve had to pay the piper, as it were. A very steep sum was demanded.

Tooth restorations are more expensive than tooth renaissances

Also called dental restoration, the procedure to restore teeth is not something to take lightly. And, restoration is exactly what my teeth eventually needed after years of neglect. My life is full of the joy that my carefree lifestyle and travel generate. But, I’ve risked emptying my mouth of teeth. Teeth, I noted, are needed for the chewing and consuming of cultural dishes around the world. Teeth, I also noted, are a necessary thread to the rich tapestry that is my love life. In short, my teeth are essential and I must resurrect them at all costs.

Just so you, dear Chambres-Costardiere.com readers know, I’m now well versed on how to go about arranging tooth restoration-type procedures. For example, did you know there are different sorts of dentists? The best ones with whom to partner to get this kind of work done are “holistic dentists”. They’re also called “biological dentists” because they are highly qualified in all biology as it pertains to your whole body’s health.

I got the restorative work done, and also made inroads in restoring the rest of my body to balance. Costs are reasonable for the work done, and compared to other places I checked. It was not a painful procedure, but it did take time.

Long story short: it would be best to lay off the sweets, and brush your teeth while travelling or at home. Avoid brushing at your peril, fellow travellers. And, by the way, flossing is for tourists.

All the best.

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