Difference between pined and pinless scroll saw blades

Do you want to learn how to choose scrolls saws, then you need to read this article to the end. 

How to choose a scroll saw?
Pin blades are wider, thicker and not really good for inside, intricate cutting; because of their inability to fit exceedingly well in a small-drilled hole. Whenever you want to choose a scroll saw, there are many things you really need to consider such as:

Blade suspension
The blade suspension you select will determine how you operate it, the type of projects you can do, as well as the blade availability. Take time to read more about pin and pinless scrow saw blades below. In the world of scroll sawing, studies show that pinless (plain-end) blades remains the most innovative and efficient way to go.

Types of blades
Every scroll saw blades have lots of characteristics. You need to try different types of blades and then decide the best one for you. Below are few commonalities between them:

• Every scroll saw blades are thin, really thin. Some of them have a resemblance with human hair.
• Every blade has different forms of teeth-cutting surfaces.
• The more teeth per inch, the more accurate and smoother the cut, as well as the more fragile and slower the blade.

There are two types of blades, and scroll saws will always accept any of them.
Pinless blades (Plain-end) - when you want to engage in a generic cutting blade, this is exactly what you will imagine. Pinless scroll saw blades are widely acceptable, and considered the standard for scroll saw blade users.

Pin-end blades- this has a tiny cross pin in every end. Pin-end blades are much more easier and quicker to change, and this remains their upside selling points, while the downsides are two-fold- because of the pins which rests in a hook-like holder, it will be difficult to thread through the small holes and also there is lesser availability especially as you get ambitious with the project. 

Seeing is believing
You are advised not to buy a tool without first of all seeing it to run. Your scroll saw should be able to run quietly and smoothly. If a blade is installed in it, it should appear as a thin black, crisp line. 

Optional accessories 
Below are some accessories of pinless saw blades; quick clamps/ blade releases, blowers, lights/ magnifiers, food-activated power switches etc. 

In summary, just like we noted above, it is better to use pinless scroll saw blades, because pin blades are wider, and thicker and not recommended for inside cutting, therefore they won’t fit into a small-drilled hole, but the pinless blades are the right way to go. 

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