How Are Skilled Trade Jobs Making Their Way as Trending Careers?



Skilled trade jobs are where an employee who, after receiving schooling, learns specific skills for his desired profession by joining Technician training schools. After finishing their vocational classes or training, they receive a certificate that renders them qualified for the job they wish to seek. Opportunities in Skilled trade jobs are growing at a rapid pace, and there is no looking back.

Tracking The Growth Of Skilled Trade Jobs

The technician trade industry today is a promising one and is increasing at a continuous pace.  According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the plumbing industry is expecting a growth of 24% from 2014 to 2024. The demand for plumbers is heating up. According to the Bureau of Labor, Statistics welding will grow on an average of 3% by 2029, adding another 13,600 jobs. According to researchandmarket.com, the global construction industry is expected to reach an estimated $10.5 trillion by 2023. And it is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 4.2% from 2018 to 2023. According to aimseducation.edu, the requirement for sterile processing techs is projected to grow 10% to 14% between 2016 and 2026.

All this proves that the technician trade industry is growing at an everlasting speed and will be one of the greatest industries in the future to take over the world.

 Why Are Skilled Trade Jobs Trending?


There is more than one reason behind this extensive growth of the industry. More and more individuals are seeking their careers in the industry and are highly satisfied with their decision. The reasons why these jobs are trending are:

Irresistible Pay Scale

According to research by indeed.com, the average salary of a construction laborer is $16.07, which counts to $385.68 per day.  The average salary of a plumber is $24.86/hour and $6,750 overtime per year. A beginner or an 'entry-level welder' can make up to  $15per hour, a mid-career welder can make up to $17.9 per hour, and a professional can climb as high as $35.45 per hour. The average salary of an automotive technician is $20.56 per hour. It can even get overtime of $5250 per year. These high monetary benefits are the main reasons behind the increasing job opportunities in trade schools.

Travel Across The World

Welders who work in factories, underwater, shipyards, or the military often get the opportunity to work worldwide.

Technologically Adapted Industry

The skilled trades jobs keep on evolving with technology.

Technology has its influence on the trade industry as much as it has on other categories. According to Tom McLean, "New equipment with new technology utilizing new work methods are being installed across all sectors,"

Automation workers, welders, construction workers, electrifications require new high skills and adapt themselves to the technological changes. Advancement in technology has brought progress in the way these workers do their jobs. They work with highly advanced tools and machines. This use and involvement of technology in skilled trade jobs is one of the crucial reasons why the industry is trending and why more and more people are involved in it.

Physically Active Jobs

Some technician jobs are good for physical health and help in boosting stamina and strength. This perk has been a good reason for people to go for this industry.

Exciting Job Offers

With advanced training, technicians like welders get to work for great organizations like NASCAR and NASA.

Affordable Training

The technician training schools for getting into the technician industry are very affordable. For example, the Philadelphia Technician Training Institute, one of the best trade school in US, has a training fee of just  $18,038 (plus $150 registration fee and Insurance Fee $12 = Total Tuition: $18,200) with books and supplies for free! The institute provides central sterile processing certification, plumbing certification course in Philadelphia, Automobile Engineering in Philadelphia, and construction training.

Industry Concerned With Public Safety

 The work that these technicians do is beneficial to people in their everyday life. They are lifesavers. For example, Pipefitters maintain and repair pipes and help prevent the leaking tap running and prevent environmental disasters, construction workers, people with their dream homes, and many more. Central sterile processing technicians work in hospitals and save millions of lives.

Spend Less Time

A bachelor's degree takes four years to complete, and technician training schools take six to eight months. The cost difference is crucial as well. You save almost $100,000 by choosing a trade school rather than a university. These reasons provide students with an attraction towards skilled trade jobs. Know more about spending less time for trade school.



These technician workers are known as "builders of the world" This technician industry today offers all the individuals who have passion for it an opportunity to fill up the vacant places that are coming up at an ever-increasing pace amidst the increasing demand. There definitely are many job opportunities in skilled trades. Choosing one's career in skilled trade jobs can be a beneficial decision.