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Benefits Of Preschool Education

At the early stages of a child's growth, every experience provides a learning opportunity. They learn from what they do, see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. All interactions with family and other people also provide learning experiences. When this learning is supervised, the results are more effective. Research now shows that early childhood education helps in the holistic development of a child.  Through preschool education, a child can develop crucial social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

In Singapore, education at all stages from preschool is a major factor in development.  With people being the main resource for the country, a lot of focus goes into education matters, and this has seen the emergence of a first-class education system. The private sector provides preschool education in Singapore under the Ministry of Community Development, Youth, and Sports (MCYS).

This post takes an in-depth look at the benefits of preschool education. If you're a parent wondering whether to take your child to a childcare centre, this information will help you make the best decision for your child.

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Developing Social Skills

The preschool environment is influential in helping children develop social skills. By moving them away from the family setting and introducing them to new people, children have to adapt and start socialising away from familiar settings.

They start listening and expressing their ideas to survive in the school community. These social skills come in handy in the later stages of growth and development and into adulthood. The early childhood school setting allows for new friendships, cooperation and taking responsibility from an early age.

Holistic Development

At the best preschool in Singapore, your child is in an environment that allows all-round growth and development. There's a blend of learning that allows for physical, cognitive, emotional development.

Parents note a significant change in their children's psychomotor and cognitive ability within a few weeks of attending school. Professional preschool teachers create programs that allow for holistic development and this has a tremendous impact on the child's growth.

Early Introduction to Good Habits

Most parents in Singapore are always away at work and they might have little influence over the growth and development of their children. This is why preschool Singapore programs come in handy in the early development of a child.

Here, there's more than play as students learn healthy habits such as brushing, cleaning habits, good sleeping habits, following routines, listening to authority, cooperation and teamwork, and much more. These are critical skills at this early development stage.

Literacy and Numeracy Skills

While socialisation can happen at home, children who don't go to preschool miss out on literacy and numeracy skills. These are the crucial skills that lay a child's foundation in education. When they're introduced early enough, a child's development receives a boost.

In addition to reading and writing, children also gain other skills such as storytelling, singing, colours, shapes and much more. The skills learnt at preschool education in Singapore helps a child's physical, mental, emotional, and social development. These skills prepare them for a lifetime. Studies show that children who go through early schooling perform better at later stages of education.

Build Enthusiasm for Learning

Another benefit of introducing a child early to literacy and numeracy is the fact that it creates an urge to learn even more. These students get a sense of curiosity and this drives them to continue a lifetime search for knowledge. They perform better in school and have more interest in learning new things such as music, poetry, science, and dancing.

Emotional intelligence/Resilience

The preschool setting differs from the familiar home environment in that new people and experiences are encountered by the child. There are new scenarios for children to experiment and develop their social skills.

From an early age, they learn emotional resilience as they encounter new people and experiences. At the same time, they gain emotional intelligence as they manoeuvre through new situations. A child who attends school becomes easier to handle at home because they can express their feelings and needs. They also appreciate the needs of other people /things within their environment.

Improve Attention

Most parents struggle socialising their children because of the short attention spans at these early stages. Early childhood schooling can change this by streamlining the learning and discovery process.

While introducing different experiences in the class environment, the teacher guides children to ensure they explore one thing at a time before moving on to the next. Children become better listeners to one another and the authority. They start learning routines and how to work independently on one thing at a time.

Final Thoughts

Singapore's early childhood sector continues to thrive as a critical part of the education system. Parents need to appreciate the role preschool plays in the early development of their children.  Enrolling your child at a good preschool in the country, boosts their holistic development. The impact lasts a lifetime.