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7 Top College Degrees In Demand

When students enrol in college, they usually do so with an aim to prepare for the career they’re interested in. The degree you decide to get will determine your job prospects and career growth in the current economy. In some professions, a college degree is a necessity. Even in professions where a degree is not always required, it can help you move up the career ladder faster. With the advent of online college, college degrees have become more accessible.

It can often be difficult to decide on one career path and a related degree. Many students change their mind halfway and start pursuing a different degree instead. Here is a list of degrees that are in demand for you to consider.


Information Technology

The field of Information Technology (IT) is expanding rapidly. IT is considered a highly skilled profession and the pay reflects this. This field’s job market has been growing constantly too. IT mainly deals with the use of computers, their hardware and software, and how they’re used to transmit, store and manipulate data.

Computer Science

Computer science is also a growing industry and so there is a constant demand for people with computer science degrees. Computer scientists work in the technology industry and usually specialize in the workings of data. You can work in research facilities, government agencies, corporate offices and other areas with a computer science degree.


Jobs for nurses are projected to keep growing, especially during a time where healthcare is seen as imperative. Nursing majors can work in nursing facilities, hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices or other healthcare areas.

Business Administration

A business administration degree will prepare you for various positions such as analysts, CEOs, managers and more. It is a well-rounded degree that is in high demand because of its flexibility. All businesses require management in some form which those with a business administration can take up.


Like management, all businesses have an accountant or an accounting team. Accountants work with an organization’s finances. They manage taxes, balance sheets and other financial functions.

Human Resources

People who work in Human Resources departments deal with the employees in an organization. They handle the processes of hiring and onboarding new employees and resources, maintaining a good workplace environment, resolving conflicts and more. Those who wish to work in this field usually require a college degree.


Psychologists can work in schools, hospitals, businesses and many other organizations as their services can be needed wherever there are people. You can start working in the field with just a bachelor’s degree and then move on to further education if you wish to pursue research work. People are paying more attention to mental health and so the field is expected to grow.

There are many more degrees in growing fields that you can pursue. The most important thing to consider when choosing a degree is your own interests. It would be challenging to excel and be happy in a field you are not interested in.