What will Students Need to Thrive in the Post-Coronavirus World?

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COVID19 pandemic has changed our world in many ways. Many of our habits are going to change forever. Wearing masks and standing at a distance while talking to each other might become the ‘new normal’. Touch therapy might fade into oblivion and we might have to learn new ways to do our work – with minimal touching required.

Deloitte Access reports that it is expected that by 2030, two-thirds of the job opportunities will require excellent soft skills. Here are some of the traits and habits that can lead you to success in the post-coronavirus world:

Strong Leadership Skills: Simon, a management expert with GoAssignmentHelpsays, “Leaders of the future will need to do a lot more than supervising and managing others. They will need a deep interdisciplinary knowledge of public relations, management, advertising, negotiation, and research to deal with the rapid changes in the industry and the marketplaces.”

“They need to have excellent written and oral skills to be able to communicate their vision and strategy to all the stakeholders and be open to feedback at the same time. They also need to understand accountability and be self-aware to stem over challenges smoothly,” he adds.

Open to Change: The novel coronavirus outbreak saw a large portion of the population working from home. Businesses will need to adapt to this new working system well past this is over. Businesses worldwide are looking forward to being more malleable and flexible to stem such crises.

It also means that students need to prepare themselves to be self-motivated, meeting new and unexpected deadlines, working under pressure, and taking on additional responsibilities if required.

Critical Thinking Skills: Unlike what you believe, as many as 37% of employees lack critical thinking skills. In times where fake news is common, being able to filter correct information and making informed decisions requires you to apply your logic and think rationally.

“Students need to learn to evaluate information based on its source, its purpose, its importance, and several other factors. Students pursuing International Relations programs right now need to develop not only critical thinking skills but also cross-cultural understanding. A global mindset and understanding of how a world without borders may work can be an asset in the post-Corona world,” advises Shehla, a top-rated research paper writer at GoDissertationHelp.

Digital Skills: The pandemic has accelerated the pace of online wholesale and retail markets. Besides, many new technologies and platforms are coming up today to facilitate educational, healthcare, transport, and several other activities online.

Hence, businesses are now investing in people who are tech-savvy and can adapt to innovative technologies easily. While everyone needs to have digital literacy in the times to come, college students should take up courses like data analytics, computer programming, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and blockchain technology.

Communication and Emotional & Social Intelligence Skills: Corona period has been a tough time, especially for those with mental health issues. In the post-Coronavirus world, we may still end up following social distancing and avoid touching each other. In such a scenario, genuine human connection and understanding are very important.

Jacob Philips, who provides assignment help services to students in the US, says, “Things have been rough for everyone. In such times, having good emotional intelligence is crucial to surviving as a family, and as a community. When I talk to students who I work with, I am always empathetic to their emotions and behaviors and reassure them that I am there to assist them.”

As more and more people are working from home now, good communication skills and even good netiquettes are crucial to maintaining high productivity levels. We need to know how to communicate information online clearly (through emails or cloud sharing) and how to interact with each other in virtual meetings.

We highly recommend students to upgrade their skills – especially digital and soft skills. Analytics and business operations are increasingly using digital ecosystems. Many online courses and MOOCs are available for free or at very affordable rates. Enroll in them and be more pliable, creative, and innovative. Change is the only constant now – and we need to embrace it with gusto.