Can you make money from customizing Jordans?

With the invention of the internet, you could just about monetize any idea you have, so yes! You can make money from customizing Cheap Jordans. If you’re planning on taking this seriously, I would recommend looking up some artists who are already in the custom Jordan business. One page on Instagram that does this really well is @dnicecustoms. They have some incredible custom designs.

The pair above is my personal favorite. They have a red, white, black and green Christmas color theme. These shoes, in particular, were modified by @stompinggroundcustoms on Instagram. The idea of turning the Nike Swoosh into a candy cane is just pure genius, especially because these AJ 1’s are Off White Jordan 1’s, meaning the Swoosh already is naturally a deconstructed look making it pop even more. 

If you have an idea for custom Cheap Jordans I would recommend sending it into @dnicecustoms so they can showcase your design. Personally, I would recommend starting with cheaper less-exclusive colorways so that you can afford to make mistakes, and hey, you’re going to customize them anyway so the starting color isn’t as important. 

Some companies will actually sell custom Jordans that fulfill the dreams of real sneaker fans. Such as, creating collaborations that don’t currently exist or adding features like LED lights to the sole of the shoe. Often with these companies, they may just be starting up and will have programs such as an affiliate program where you can share a link to their shoes and get a % of the profit of each sale. It’s an awesome way to make money as you can find and share customized designs that you love AND make a profit off it. How good is that? 

To summarize, you absolutely can make money through customizing Jordans, but you’re going to want to minimize your potential losses at the start by either starting with an affiliate program or buying the cheaper colorways to customize.