Antares Autotune Crack Mac [9.1.1] [Updated 2021]

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Antares AutoTune Mac is software for the automatic pitch correction of music recordings. It was introduced in 1996 by the US company Antares and for several years was considered the standard tool of music studios for correcting vocal passages, for example, to bring a wrongly intoned melody track to the correct pitch.

The term Auto-Tune is often used synonymously for pitch correction systems from other manufacturers, of which there are many. The intentionally exaggerated pitch correction used as a sound effect is due to the song Believe by Cherfrom 1998 and is therefore often referred to as the Cher effect.

The voice is the most powerful musical instrument that exists, and its processing in recordings is fundamental. Until now the result depended on the performers but, thanks to Antares Autotune Crack Mac, you can practice all kinds of sound and make all kinds of pitch and tempo corrections.

Antares Auto-Tune is considered for vocal recordings, but its options can be used on all kinds of acoustic material. If you need to correct one of your recordings, Antares Auto-Tune is the solution. Also Checkout Lightroom Mac


Refine records

Correct pitch and timing issues while preserving the original expressiveness of the recording. Autotune has been the workhorse of music production studios on half the planet for years, and now yours too.

Download Antares Auto-Tune for Mac, a professional tone correction tool that cannot be missing in a studio if you want to get the best quality out of recordings.

AutoTune Mac Crack is one of the music effects. The program analyzes the pitch of a monophonic ( monophonic ) audio signal (usually vocals), checks whether and how far the found frequency is from the next correct semitone of a given mood, and pulls ( pitches ) the signal to the correct pitch if necessary. In order to minimize the interference with the audio material and to make the result sound as natural as possible, the correction can be restricted to certain pitches (e.g. the tonic of a key ) and deviating tones can be specified only to correct a determinable portion. Because the system smooths out vibrate to corrected pitches or eliminates them entirely, auto-tune can be used to generate artificial vibrate for fading tones.

The speed at which the signal is corrected to the correct frequency can also be selected with Antares Auto Tune Mac Crack. If the correction speed is set very high, glissandi end up with unnaturally gurgling, mechanical-sounding jumps. This effect is sometimes used on purpose, such as As in the hit single Sensual Seduction by Snoop Dogg widely known from or Believe by Cher.

Antares Autotune Crack Mac