3 Tips for Spotting Fake Yeezys

It’s no secret that Kanye West’s Adidas Yeezys are some of the hottest shoes on the market right now. They are a serious contender to Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan line, with most releases selling out in a manner of minutes after release. What’s great about these sneakers is that they’ve hit a new wave of comfort meeting style. Let’s talk tips on spotting fake Yeezys. Firstly, to guarantee you’re getting real Yeezys it’s recommended that you stick to authorized retailers such as, Adidas and Amazon. These stores will post Yeezys at release but you must act fast as they will often be sold out in minutes. 

  1. Try Matching the tag details to the box details. 

The first step may seem obvious but it’s one of the quickest ways to tell if the sneakers are legit or not. If your Yeezys are coming inside a box, make sure to ask for pictures of the tag and label. The shoe will have a tag with information such as the size and serial number of the shoe. It is recommended to compare this to the size and serial number displayed on the box and if there are any discrepancies then odds is they are fake yeezys

  1. Check pattern of the wave design. 

This one is particularly useful for the 350 line of yeezys. On the upper of 350’s is a wave-like pattern. Typically, with real Yeezys, the wave will be printed sideways and the waves will come in irregular sizes. Fake Yeezys will often have a wave pattern that is too consistent in size and will appear to be printed from top to bottom as opposed to left to right. 

  1. The middle stitching.

There is a heavy stitching that’s displayed proudly on the middle of the shoe. This stitching runs all the way down the shoe and will end under the tip of the outer sole. If the shoe you’re inspecting has the stitching ending anywhere else then odds are it’s fake.