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Health Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

People use a long stretch of terms like cannabis, pot, weed, and so on when referring to Marijuana. Some people only know it as an herb that can temporarily put someone in a state of euphoria. But little do they know that for centuries, people from across the world have been enjoying numerous health benefits of Marijuana.

Reduces Degenerative Brain Disorders Hazards

Two of the brain disorders that impair our cognitive skills are Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Marijuana’s other component, delta-9tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, is known to fight amyloid plaques that make an Alzheimer’s patient’s brain shrink. Experts from Israel have conducted studies that reveal that Marijuana works to decrease the re-occurrence of tremors and improve the patient’s sleeping habits for patients with Parkinson’s disease. 

Controls Seizure Activity

Using rats as subjects, researchers used marijuana extracts to prove that Marijuana can control seizures that an epileptic experiences. After the seizures have ended in a period of 10 hours, they discovered that the THC binds to brain cells that are in charge of epinephrine, which controls excitability, and norepinephrine, which controls relaxation. 

Defends the brain following a Cerebrovascular Accident

University of Nottingham experiments regarding the use of cannabis have revealed that it may help prevent damage caused by a neurological deficit, commonly known as stroke. Marijuana is known to have a neuro-protective ability that can make the affected area in a CVA diminished, causing an increase in number people who want to buy weed. 

Controls Muscle Spasms

Since there is no known cure for MS, people who have this disease should be able to manage the neurological effects it brings as well as muscle spasms. The Canadian Medical Association concluded in his studies that smoking marijuana can give patients with MS a temporary relief from its painful symptoms. 

Decreases Eye Pressure

In cases where your eye pressure is high and you are already having a tunnel vision, such in the case of glaucoma, you can buy weed from a trusted provider after getting the approval of your ophthalmologist. Studies that smoking Marijuana can aid in the treatment of glaucoma dates back to 1970; where it has been proven that THC can control eye pressure. 

Relieves Joint Inflammation

Rheumatoid Arthritis gives its sufferers inflammation of the joints. After investigative studies were made, reports have surfaced that Marijuana diminishes the inflammation and pain felt by those who are experiencing its harmful effects after researchers gave a CBD-based pain reliever, called Sativex, to patients in the rheumatology units. 

Impedes the Metastasis of Cancer Cells

Cancer has been one of the leading causes of death in America; this is why a lot of medical practitioners have made huge efforts in trying to solve the Big C. Studies have proven Marijuana to be useful in preventing a rapid spread of cancer cells. According to Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, one of its components, the Cannabidiol or CBD, can deactivate one of the cell’s genes known as Id-1. 

May Help Treat Lupus

This disease happens when the immune system does not function to get rid of foreign bodies but rather attack healthy tissues, causing pain and inflammation to the body. Medical use of Marijuana has proven that it has an analgesic effect and able to prevent nausea, another reason why those who have lupus tend to buy weed online in Canada where sales a legal.

Reduces Crohn’s Symptoms

Crohn’s disease affects a person’s gastrointestinal tract. Marijuana is said to be effective against its symptoms.As a matter of fact, according to studies in Israel, the CBD component of Marijuana safeguards the GI tract by controlling the inflammation in order to avoid recurrence. 

Diminishes Hepatitis C Side Effects

Hepatitis C side effects which include easy fatigability, anorexia, myalgia, and sometimes depression, can greatly affect a person’s way of life. A study has shown that more than half of patients using marijuana had lowered viral levels in contrast to those who did not use the herb. 

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