Cannabis Seeds Are the Powerhouse of Good Health

Cannabis seeds are not just for the recreational high. In fact, cannabis seeds, especially hemp seeds, have proven to deliver excellent health benefits if consumed at a moderate level. Although hemp and marijuana share a kinship (being from same species), yet the former contain just a negligible portion of THC. On the other hand, hemp seeds are amazingly nutritious & packed with protein, healthy fats and a robust ensemble of minerals. Students have miles to go in their life and need to be at their best of health. Daily consumption of cannabis seeds (in moderation) will keep them on top of their health.

High nutritional value

Cannabis seeds are rich in an eclectic mix of beneficial nutrients. You will find most of the major vitamins here including Vitamins A, B, D and E. Hemp seeds also act as a fantastic source of powerful antioxidants and liver enzymes. Moreover, these super seeds contain a wide array of healthy minerals, such-

Packed with rich protein

This is certainly one of the most vital benefits of eating cannabis seeds.

Hemp seeds are enriched with the high dose of plant-based protein. The seeds will act as the natural protein supplement for vegans. However, carnivores too will find a healthy low-fat, low-carb alternative to regular meat in hemp seeds. No wonder UFC star Ronda Rousey used to have hemp hearts each morning before workouts in her heydays. A lot of fitness brands have also recognized the great health benefits of hemp and some of them even offer hemp-based protein supplements.

Powered with Omega fatty acids

Cannabis seeds are also powered with two most important fatty acids- Omega-6 and Omega-3. There is a host of health benefits of Omega acids. These acids have proven to keep both heart & brain healthy. Other perks of consuming Omega acids are-

Moreover, Omega acid helps in protein production. Cannabis seeds will make a viable source of Omega acids for those who can’t or don’t consume fish.

Improved cardiovascular health

Cannabis seeds contain a major amino acid known as Arginine. The famous amino acid generates nitric oxide inside the body which our system can’t produce itself. Nitric oxide produced by Arginine dilates blood vessels which lower down blood pressure. A healthy level of blood pressure prevents risks of cardiac arrests. Arginine prevents blood clots and has also proven to help with faster recovery post cardiac arrests.

Interestingly, Arginine is not just about enhancing cardiovascular health. The amino acid has also shown to fight various skin issues like dermatitis and eczema.

Easy digestion

Cannabis or hemp seeds are extremely easy to digest and will even add a savory flavor when mixed with your snacks.

Tips to buy & consume cannabis seeds

You can easily buy cannabis seeds online. But don’t just settle for the first store you stumble upon. The order of the business is to get a comparative study on at least 3-4 stores before you make the final purchase. There are online directories where you will find reviews on some of the most popular seed stores out there. Make sure your chosen one is a reputed retailer, backed by premium stocks. The store must also promise discreet packaging and complete confidentiality of your transaction.

Consumption guidelines


  1. There are different ways of consuming cannabis seeds to improve your health-​​
  1. You can crush the seeds and sprinkle the powder on your food such as porridge, yogurt, dips etc.​
  2. You can have it as cannabis protein shake​
  3. Hemp milk is another good option​
  4. Hemp oil is also recommended by experts

Final words

Cannabis or hemp seeds have not shown to lead to serious side effects if consumed in moderation. However, if you are under any kind of medication, make sure to inform your doctor before including cannabis in your routine.


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