HAVC 135B : German Art 1905-1945

Workers, Soldiers, Farmers; Hans Schmitz-Wiedenbrück, 1941

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” – Oscar Wilde, 1889

- Hans Schmitz-Widenbruck's painting ​Worker, Soldiers, Farmers ​borrowed the traditional format of the triptych to carry a Fascist message.

​- It represented the three pillars of the state, elevated to icons, symbolizing their contributions - almost but not quiet equal.

​- The army dominated the picture, as we the audience see them from below, having a "larger then life" aspect from below.

​- The cult of work is seen as an extension of work of art. Worship if creatuve iyt,

​- Workers create at their job/craftsmen, like artists create on a palate.

​- "The army dominated the picture, not only by its central position but also by the fact that it was painted as if seen from below." Shows the importance of the military and how strong the German military,  showing superiority of their military.

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