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Print SMS from Android Mobile with SMS EasyReader & Printer

You can now send texts as fast and smooth as sending emails. Printer SMS also opens the door to smart and quick printing.

Every day we send or receive hundreds of messages, many of them quite short. Some of us even need to send them to one another when we are already on the other side of the country, or even the globe. 

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to communicate quickly with a few words, using short texts and emojis. However, there is a solution that is going to be very useful to many people.

It is called SMS EasyReader & Printer, and it will help you speed up your messages as much as you want. 

The app's ability to send printed SMS messages as PDFs, or for Windows it provides printing of all messages as .doc format documents, has brought the need for a mobile solution for these two functions. 

SMS EasyReader & Printer, although simple in its design, provides a quality solution for both of these functions.

The developers of the SMS EasyReader have worked hard to bring you a feature that provides you the capability to print your text messages for free!

Thanks to this new tool, you will not only be able to send or receive texts as fast as email, but also to send them as fast as you can print them. 


Well, you only need to select the appropriate tools and they will be installed automatically on your mobile device. 

You only need to press the button that says 'SMS EasyReader', and you can start sending texts to your contacts, even if they are offline.

Even if you do not have access to your internet connection at the moment, you can still send a text. 

Just press the 'SMS EasyReader' button, enter the code you received from the first SMS text, and enter the number you want to receive the text message from. The receiver will receive a reply message and will be able to contact you on your phone.

SMS EasyReader allows you to send SMS messages without any charges. The developers of the app will allow you to send messages between any mobile network in the world, as long as the carriers are free of charge.

SMS EasyReader is currently available for Android mobile devices. Just download the app from the Play Store, register and start sending texts as fast as you want.

In today's times, text messages are the most important method for communication to your friends and family. 

Therefore, it's best to have an app for your phone which can allow you to send text messages from the device itself. Printer Plus gives you that functionality through the SMS EasyReader & Printer Plus app.

SMS EasyReader & Printer is a simple solution to print SMS from Android directly from your mobile. You can connect your Android device to the printer, choosing the kind of message you want to print. 

The app will provide you with an easy menu where you can enter the name of the person and what the message contains. 

The message is then saved directly in the app as a message. If you're traveling, you can also send the message directly from your Android device by using the built-in GPS locator.

SMS EasyReader app is a versatile app that can also be used to send messages to all your WhatsApp friends or email your WhatsApp contacts with a customized image. 

You can also manage your messages from the app by storing, deleting and sorting them, according to your convenience.

I hope that you liked this SMS easy reader & printer android mobile phone device application and if you still have some questions then feel free to let us know about that in the comment section below.