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One stop to Google Play store download and App install free using APK file. Play Store is one of the most widely used app store in the world when it comes to the users using Android devices. Most of the mobile devices users will be installing their apps mainly through Google Play Store because it is secure, easy and efficient. But many of the users face some problems with Google Play Store and don’t have the proper information about the solution. So keeping this in mind, we are publishing this article through which many of the Android users who are facing issues with their Google Play Store app and looking for the information about Google Play Store can go through the concerned section to get to know about the solutions and just for their knowledge.
               In this article, you can find almost every topic related to the Google Play Store like:Hope we cover all the possible details you should know about Google Play Store for mobile phones.
About Google Play Store:
               Google Play Store is a digital distribution service for Android operating systems. The platform is operated and developed by Google Inc. the users can install the app or visit the website to browse and applications designed for Android devices and are developed by Android Software Development Kit (SDK). The apps will be published through Google. Currently, the available services of Google Play Store are Paid Apps and Games, Devices, Magazines, Books, Movies, TV Shows and Music.
The apps and services available at Google Play Store are either free or paid. To download any app or service, your Android device must be capable and should have all the system requirements for that concerned app or service. The users can browse for the app and services offered and are available at Google Play Store and download them on their devices. There are many manufacturers who provide the Android as their operating system like Samsung, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, HTC, Nokia, 1+ (One Plus), Red Mi (Xiomi / MI), Oppo, Vivo etc.
As talked earlier, Google Play Stores serves as the official app store for Android devices which include mobile phones, tablets, pads, smart Televisions etc. The Google Play Store was earlier launched as Android Market. The app was announced on August 28, 2008 and was made available to users on October 22, 2008. In May 2016, the app was renamed as Google Play Store. Since then, the app has been a great hit at the market because of the number of Android device users. There has been a constant improvement in the app and a new version or update is made sure to be available for the Android device users every possible time. Play store free download for mobile samsung 

How to Download, Install and Uninstall Google Play Store on Mobile devices:

               Many of the Android devices may not have Google Play Store app already installed in it or the might get uninstalled mistakenly or the users delete or uninstall the app intentionally for some reason. If you want to download, install or uninstall the Google Play Store, please go through the concerned section below.
Download Google Play Store app:
               The Google Play Store app can be downloaded on your Android device through an Android Application Package (APK) file. If you are willing to download the Google Play Store set up file on your Android mobile device, follow the below steps to complete the process:Now that you have the set up file available on your device, you can install the Google Play Store app on your Android mobile device.

Install Google Play Store app:

               Make sure that you have transferred the downloaded Google Play Store APK set up file to your Android mobile device. To download any app from an unknown source or APK file, you need to provide some permission and enable the option to install apps from unknown sources. Your mobile device will not install the apps apart from the trusted sources. To continue installing the Google Play Store app from the downloaded APK file, please enable the settings for unknown sources by following the below steps:After completing the above steps, the safety mode of your mobile phone is turned off and now you can install the Google Play Store app on your mobile phone by following the below steps:After installing the Google Play Store on your Android mobile device, make sure that you undo the security option which you have turned on previously to install Google Play Store. To make your mobile device to avoid any installation from unknown sources, follow the below steps:

google play store app install free

Uninstall Google Play Store app:

               You can uninstall Google Play Store app from your Android mobile device anytime. The installation process of Google Play store app is very simple. You can follow the below steps to uninstall the Google Play Store app anytime from your android mobile device:Hope you have got all the information regarding the download, installation and uninstallation process of Google Play Store app from your Android mobile device. Let’s get on to some further details about the Google Play Store now.

Activate your account at Google Play Store:

               After downloading and installing the Google Play Store app on your Android mobile device, you need to sign in to it. This can be done by providing your Google account details like providing your Gmail email address and password. You can download the apps or the services available at the Google Play Store only after signing in to your account at the Google Play Store app. So make sure that you have a Google account before you start using the Google Play Store mobile app.

Google Play Store — Control Automatic Updates of Apps:

               There is constant development in the working and presentation of Google Play Store from its developer. These updates sometimes get some problems with them because of the bugs and other factors. This might cause the Google Play Store not functioning properly. There are also some cases when the Google Play Store gets updated automatically. The other apps related to Google and downloaded from the Google Play Store get automatically updated. Please go through the below steps to activate or deactivate the automatic updates of the Google Play Store app.By using the above method you can control the update process of the apps through Google Play Store.

Fake Google Play Store apps:

               As the Google Play Store is very popular and the most widely used app store in the world, there has been an increase in the number of availability of fake Google Play Store apps. These apps are corrupted and may contain viruses. Such apps can harm your device and may result in malfunctioning of the app. So make sure that whenever you download the setup file for Google Play Store app, always make sure that you download it from a secured and well-known site.
               There are also some apps available on the Google Play Store which are useless and can cause slow down your Android mobile phone’s system. There are apps like torch lights related, memory booster or cleaner, Wi-Fi or other signal enhancers and copies of the famous games which are not at all useful and are harmful for your mobile phone or other devices. So make sure you download the apps from the official and trusted developer.
               However, Google has improved its statistics in banning such apps and services online at Google Play Store. The stats say that 99% of such spams do not reach the users through the Google Play Store. But prevention is better than cure. So keep in mind to check the developer before you install such apps.
 Play store free download for mobile samsung

Google Play Store Alternativess:

               Though Google Play Store is the official Android app store for the Android devices, but there are some other app stores available online which can be a great substitute for Google Play Store. The following are the apps which can be a great substitute for the Google Play Store:Hope you have got all the important information regarding the Google Play Store and its functioning. Please keep visiting the article because it will be kept updating frequently. 
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