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myQ Smart Garage Door Opener | 2020 Review

A lot of things in our homes are becoming smart but we forget about a space we use just as often, Yes, the Garage. An important place for making a smart Home Renovation is linking your Garage Door to your Smart Phone by creating remote access anytime you want to open or close. But it is not just about the convenience to add smart solutions in your garage, but this also allow you to monitor security and get alerts when anybody opens your overhead door. Because this is where you store your bikes your tools and most importantly you park cars here, it should be secure.

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

This Overhead Door opener comes with Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity. Here you will learn all about how it can protect your home. You will find all about it but an early heads-up that if you need an expert advice for Chamberlain Overhead door Installation do call us at 877-628-7464.
By Going Smart Garage, you can connect to it remotely, does not matter where you are, open or close your door right from your phone & tablet. Smart Garage Door Opener allows you to check on your door status from anywhere around the globe and give remote access to the lawn guy or a handyman when you’re not home. With Chamberlain remote and Garage door opener connected with Wi-Fi will give you the liberty to do all those jobs remotely.

Chamberlain Door Opener Kit

The door kit comes with an Overhead Door motor along with an LED light attached with the door sensor to prevent door closing on someone or something in between. Also, there is a wired wall panel along with battery-powered external keyboard and two remote control clickers as well. There is wireless smart phone control via the Chamberlain MyQ App. Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection between your house and your garage particularly if it’s detached garage you have because if there is not a strong Wi-Fi connection in the garage area from the house it can cause trouble to operate remotely .

Installation Overview

Before we proceed let me state that this not an ordinary DIY Job. Garage door opener installation is complicated and takes time as well so if you have never done it before, its better to hire an Overhead Opener Installer. You can find one in your zip code by calling (877) 628-7464 and this also works for Garage Door Repair as well. But if you are planning to DIY Garage Door Installation & you are the type of person who gets unnerved setting up things like changing bulbs you definitely want to call in a pro. We are not going for a detailed actual installation here because frankly that could be another brief post.
Installation takes an average of about four hours and that is because you are replacing not just the existing motor but also the track that the door runs on as well. In addition, it also needs installation of new brackets for the door to hook on to & installation of eye safety sensors along the sides of the door. Because of this you also need to install new wall panels so definitely this installation does not happen in minutes but takes hours of work.

Door Motor & Instruction Manuel

The kit is complete deal so I will say, though the instructions that comes with the door are simple plus all the bits and pieces you need for the job are included. From the cables and the little staples to hold them in place. You may be surprised about how quiet new Overhead Door motor compared to the older which was so loud that you could hear it outside the garage. Smart Door Openers are usually silent. it is amazing how powerful, yet quiet new door openers can be

Door Opener Wall Panel

An Important Part of MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener is wall panel. It is a wired control center and amazingly you can do a lot with it. The panel has a state-of-the-art motion sensor on it providing power saving solutions by turning on the LED lights automatically whenever you open the door or when walk in as well. Panel also display information like time and temperature which is really convenient and adjusting the panel to the current time setting the temperature to Celsius along with other settings is really easy.

Digital Panel Lock

One great thing MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener has is a digital lock that will prevent the door from being opened via the the clickers or app which is really useful when you’re going on vacation and want an extra layer of security

MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener Wi-Fi Setup

To Avail 100 percent wireless smartphone features you will need to program your opener panel and get everything linked up. By going through the procedure you’ll also be able to program the wireless keypad as well which is outside of the main door.One of the many great things about this system is that you can set up alerts or push notifications to your phone anytime the garage door is opened or accessed. Alerts can be done as push notifications or as emails or both depending on your convenience. It’s always up to you to set an alert if the door has stayed open longer than you’d like, and you can also select how long that time is. For example, you set it for 20 minutes so when door is still open after about 20 minutes you will be receiving a push notification onto phones.

Another great thing about MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener is to set different times for the door to automatically close on any given day so in the instance, say your kids happen to leave it open on the regular it’ll automatically close itself like at 7 p.m every night. The myQ app has option to review history of when the door was open or closed. Although detailed information about how it was used like whether the keypad opened it or an app user are not included. However, this can be expected in future firmware update of myQ app including the ability to add guest users to the app via email so every family members or visitor can use their phone to open or close the door. MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener may works with several smart home integrations like the Google assistant IFTTT and more though the apple home kit is not seen in there. You may also Notice that the Google Home Integration requires a subscription which is around $30 a month or 130 dollars a year.

You will also appreciate the motion activated LED lighting which really bright the whole garage with light. We definitely recommend the myQ Smart garage door opener if you are looking to go remote with increased security of your home garage.