F.G. Weller

Chronology of F. G. Weller and related stereo businesses in Littleton, New Hampshire

1833 December 2, Franklin George (F. G.) is born to Asa Copeland and Mary Morrison Weller in Hanover, NH.
1836 April 27, sister Caroline Maria is born in Montpelier, Vermont.
1838 July 8, brother William Warren is born in Montpelier, Vermont.
1840 March 5, Janette Eastman is born to Samuel Umphrey Gibson and Mercy Gates Hoskins in Lyman, NH.  April 5, F. G.'s sister Sarah Fontinelle is born in Danville, Vermont.  Dies May 13th.
1852 Asa and F. G. Weller join Daniel and Albert Quimby, carriage makers in Littleton.
1855 F. G. becomes the leader of the Littleton Brass Band, plays the cornet. William plays the tuba.
1859 F. G. partners with Albert Quimby to found the “Quimby and Weller Carriage Shop.”
1861 William Weller joins Co. G, 2nd NH Infantry.
November 13, Franklin George Weller marries Janette Eastman Gibson.
1865 Civil War ends. Benjamin and Edward Kilburn begin a stereoscopic business in Littleton.
1866 Albert Quimby dies. F. G. founds “Ranlet and Weller” carriage trade with Noah Ranlet.
1867 January 4, Daughter Fontinella Aldeth (Fontie) is born. F. G. becomes the secretary for the Littleton Musical Association. The Kilburn Brothers open their first stereoscopic factory on Main Street in Littleton.
1868 September, F. G. purchases Franklin White’s Lancaster, N.H. stereo business, establishes himself in the Atwater and Brackett building on Main Street, Littleton.  Janette Weller receives an award for an oil painting.
1869 F. G. forms a choir for the new Episcopal church. He and Janette perform.
1871 Begins “Stereoscopic Treasures.”
1872 William Weller starts photography business at the Tilton block, Main Street.
1873 F. G. publishes a catalogue of 385 views. He becomes an officer for the Lyceneum lecture series and organizes the Liberal Christian Society. Janette is a member of the Board of Trustees. The Kilburn Bros. open a larger factory on Cottage Street.
1874 Weller’s Art rooms open on the first floor of the Atwater and Brackett building.
1875 George H. Aldrich buys William Weller’s studio. Edward Kilburn retires from the stereo business.
1876 F. G. exhibits photographs at the Centennial International Exposition in Philadelphia.
1877 December 8, F. G. Weller dies of tuberculosis, age 44 years. He is buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Littleton.
1879 Weller stock sold by Janette to George Aldrich, who establishes the imprint, "G. H. Aldrich and Co. Stereoscopic Views, 'The successor to F. G. Weller'.”
1882 November 28, Janette marries Fred Aaron Robinson.
1883 Aldrich sells the stereo business to George and William Henry Bellows, who found the Littleton View Company.
1884 Janette becomes a leader in the First Church of Christ, Scientist.
1890 March, Janette and Fred Robinson divorce.
June 18, Fontinella Aldeth Weller marries Henry Warren Fitch. The couple move to Spokane, Washington.
1890s Littleton View Company titles are distributed by Underwood and Underwood Company.
1892 March 5, Fontinella Weller Fitch dies. March 8, Fitch girl dies.
1900 George Bellows dies. Littleton View Company closes.
1909 January 15,  Ben Kilburn dies.
1910 B. W. Kilburn factory closes.
1925 May 3, Janette E. Weller dies in Boston, age 85 years. She rests at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge.

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