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List of Views for the Stereoscope Manufactured by F. G. Weller, Littleton, N. H.: comprising views of all
      interest among the White and Franconia Mountains, frost, flowers, groups, and miscellaneous
      subjects, also a class of views designated as stereoscopic treasures
. Littleton, N. H.: F. G. Weller
      [1873].  Available at The Henry Ford: 

Views of the White Mtns.’s Region: Photographs of noted scenes in the Vicinity of the Profile House,
       as a Souvenir of Franconia Notch, White Mountains, New Hampshire, comprising 12 views which
      may be used in a graphoscope
. Littleton, N. H.: Argus Print, F. G. Weller, n.d.

Views of the White Mtns.’s Region: Photographs of the Crawford House and Vicinity, a souvenir of
      the White Mountains, comprising 12 views which may be used in a graphoscope.  Littleton N. H.: Argus
      Print, F. G. Weller, n.d. Available at Hathi Trust: 
https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.69015000001897.  (accessed 7/1/19).

Views of the White Mtn.’s Region:  Photographs of the Summit House and Mt. Washington Railroad, White
     Mountains, New Hampshire
, comprising twelve 
views which may be used in a graphoscope. Littleton,
     N. H.: F. G. Weller, Argus Print, n.d

Views of the White Mtn.’s Region: Photographs of the Fabyan House and Vicinity: as a souvenir of the
      White Mountains,
comprising twelve views which may be used in a graphoscope.  Littleton, N. H.: F. G.
      Weller, Argus Print, n.d.

Sources on F. G. Weller

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Newspaper sources

The White Mountain Republic, Littleton, New Hampshire, 1867-1877.

The Littleton Courier,
Littleton, New Hampshire, 1892.

On Janette E. Weller

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