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Grand Domestic Revolution

The Grand Domestic Revolution (GDR) is an ongoing “living research” project initiated by Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht, in October 2009. Inspired by US late nineteenth-century “material feminist” movements that experimented with communal solutions to isolated domestic life and work, GDR has involved artists, designers, domestic workers, architects, gardeners, activists, and others to collaboratively investigate and re-articulate the domestic sphere, challenging traditional and contemporary divisions of private and public. The aim is to imagine new forms of living and working in common and put them into practice. GDR shares its ongoing research with presentations of newly produced and referential art works, an exhibition as a platform for a series of public activities, and the growing project library. In particular, the touring programme of GDR (GDR GOES ON) is conceived as a special form of international collaboration, embedding it in the local context of each host venue and creating closer ties between the organization and surrounding communities.
-Living Research Project, Grand Domestic Revolution: http://cascoprojects.org/the-grand-domestic-revolution

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