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Outsourcing is when a company moves abroad for cheaper labor, and two of the most popular companies are Apple and Nike.  The word seems to always have a negative connotation to it, but in majority of cases, it is a positive.  Outsourcing allows for companies mainly in the US to find cheaper labor, so the needs of the global population are met when new products are released.  The cheaper labor gives those in the foreign countries jobs, so they have an income and a means of living, while the users of the product do not have to spend outrageous money, unless you’ve recently bought the iPhone X or a Nike tech sweatshirt.
Issues arise when dealing with labor, and how poorly these big companies treat these foreign workers.  In a Tech Insider video released on YouTube in 2017, a man by the name of Dejian Zeng who is an NYU graduate, spent six weeks working in an Apple factory in Shanghai.  He describes the work as boring, as he would spend a 12-hour work day doing one job of screwing one screw that connected the speaker to the iPhone.  They would only make about $450 a month or $5,400 a year and had only Sunday’s off.  Workers are provided with one uniform, have to go to mass amounts of security, all while being shacked up with as many as eight other workers in a dorm room.  Working conditions like this is what leads to uproar.  People around the globe protest large companies like Apple because harsh conditions like explained.  Things have gotten so out of hand, they had to put safety nets outside the buildings and on stairs so workers would not commit suicide. (See Figure A below)


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