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Global Warming

Military saw it coming.
Satellites are aide in forecasting the weather, they provide meteorologist with the images of storm systems, climate changes, and formations of clouds. How meteorologists relay the meaning of the images is another story, but because of the satellite technology they are able to see what is happening. Over the past years there has been an increased interest in global warming. Global warming is the concept in which the Earth’s temperature has increased overtime, which is causing glaciers to melt, sea levels to rise, animals to lose habitats, and the weather to go awry. They say it is the humans who caused this climate destruction, and they are probably right. Our modern lives have caused so much pollution and waste, which is just sitting in landfills and clouding up the sky. In China, people have to wear masks when they are outside to prevent them from breathing in the smog and toxic fumes from factories. All of this pollution from all over the world is going up into the atmosphere and eating away at the O-Zone layer, which is the layer that protects us most from the sun’s rays and other elements. Because of this, the sun is heating the Earth at hotter temperatures causing the changes. Not only does it affect our seasons, and our lives, but some animals are in great danger. The change is happening so quickly that animals are not about to adapt in a timely manner. Now this doesn’t mean it is happening overnight, more like years, but the animals who have evolved into the certain breeds and species that they are, are unable to adapt to the elements. Evolution and adaptation takes longer than a few years. Therefore, it is important for us to be mindful of what we are doing to the Earth, and start taking the proper steps to at least slow down the warming. 
The concept of global warming was developed and noticed by satellites. The images of Earth over the years shows the dramatic loss of ice lands and the reshaping of many bodies of the world. These satellite images have been in circulation for many years, but not until recently were put out to the public as a huge problem. The military was able to see the issues far before anyone else noticed. But because they keep everything so private they neglected to share their findings with anyone from the outside. The military has the training, technology, and ability to see, hear, and experience things that we cannot. They know so much about the world but keep it private until they need think outside help is needed or after the situation is resolved. They have been seeing the patterns of global warming in effect for many years.  As they use satellites to spy on other countries and all areas of the world. Keeping such a life changing discovery private is wrong, ethically and morally, and to think that if we knew sooner we could have made the necessary changes to our live styles before they became the only life we know.
The military also uses satellites for communication purposes, and to block communication. The intelligence and government can control them means of communication, and control what gets out into the public ear. Just like keeping global warming on the down low, the military can manipulate communication servers to rely only the information that they want. It is called the Global Information Grid, and it is like a huge road map of locations and information with a filtration system that can detect certain words and phrases and stop them in their tracks from going out to too many people and sources. Like an eye is the sky they can use the satellite to see where the broad band of information is heading. So sparks the question of what else are they hiding from us? Traditionally, the military is there to protect us from threats, and in war. We have always trusted them with our safety and our lives.  It is agreeable that some situations should be kept from the general public, no reason to raise unnecessary concern, but when our Earth, our home, is changing so dramatically right before their eyes, it should be been brought to our attention.

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