F20 Black Atlantic: Resources, Pedagogy, and Scholarship on the 18th Century Black Atlantic

Assigned & Optional Secondary Readings

Theoretical Readings:
- Radcliffe, Ann. “On the Supernatural in Poetry.” New Monthly Magazine and Literary Journal,
        vol. 16, no. 1, 1826, pp. 145-52.

Secondary Readings:
- Gilbert, Sandra M., and Susan Gubar. The Madwoman in the Attic: The Woman Writer and the
        Nineteenth Century-Literary Imagination
. Chapter 10: A Dialogue of Self and Soul: Plain
        Jane's Progress. 1979.
- Paravisini-Gebert, Lizabeth. “Colonial and Postcolonial Gothic: The Caribbean.” Cambridge
        Companion to Gothic Fiction. Edited by Jerrold E. Hogle. Cambridge UP, 2002, pp. 229-58.
- Rody, Caroline. "Burning Down the House: The Revolutionary Paradigm of Jean Rhys's Wide
        Sargasso Sea
." Famous Last Words: Changes in Gender and Narrative Closure, edited by
        Alison Booth. UVA P, 1993, pp 300-25.
- Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty. “Three Women’s Texts and a Critique of Imperialism.” Critical
        Inquiry, vol. 12, no. 1, 1985, pp. 243-61.

Background Readings:
- Jane, Caecilia. "Creole Women in the British Imagination." A Historical Miscellany, 9 Apr.
        2016, danceshistoricalmiscellany.com/creole-women-in-the-british-imagination/. Accessed 4
        Dec. 2020.
- Nunez, Elizabeth. “The Paradoxes of Belonging: The White West Indian Woman in Fiction.”
        Modern Fiction Studies, vol. 31, no. 2, 1985, pp. 281-93.

Ryden, David Beck. "The Atlantic Economy's Political and Economic Power." West Indian Slavery
        and British Abolition, 1783–1807
. Cambridge UP, 2009, pp. 19-39.

Primary (Con)Texts:
- Long, Edward. The History of Jamaica, or, General Survey of the Antient and Modern State of
        That Island: with Reflections on Its Situation, Settlements, Inhabitants, Climate, Products,
        Commerce, Laws, and Government
. 1774.
- Nugent, Lady M. Lady Nugent’s Journal of Her Residence in Jamaica from 1801 to 1805. 1907.

Contemporary Literature Revisionary of the Era:
- Rhys, Jean. Wide Sargasso Sea. 1966.
- Cezair-Thompson, Margaret. The True History of Paradise. 1999.
- James, Marlon. The Book of Night Women. 2009.

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