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Everything History Podcast

Thomas Hendrickson, Author
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French Revolution I

Everything History now shifts its focus to the French Revolution of 1789. Want to know why it occurred in the first place? That is exactly what this episode does, it explains exactly why France exploded into social anarchy in 1789. Have a listen!

This is the tale of the French Revolution of 1789 that overthrew the French Old Regime, or the Ancien RĂ©gime. Episode six takes us through the early days before the revolution had begun. In this episode you will learn why France's society was buckling. Follow along as King Louis XVI and his trusted ministers attempt to pass a series of recovery reforms.

With episode seven of Everything History the French Revolution is approaching fast. In this episode King Louis XVI attempts a last ditch effort to reform the Kingdom of France. The monarch is opposed on all sides and the situation only worsens as the summer of 1788 drags on. In August the King agrees to convene the Estates-General as France slides, increasingly quickly, towards a complete collapse.

During this episode people of the Third Estate demand change. They demand double the representation at the Estates General, which was set to convene in May 1789. Will they get it? Listen to find out how the elections for the Estates General go, and also learn about the horrible winter of 1788-89 as well the Reveillon Riots.

The Estates General finally begins and from the beginning it fails to live up to the expectations to French people had. Listen to how the Three Estates and the King attempted to bypass the political gridlock. In June the delegates of the Third Estate create their own body, the National Assembly. Make sure to listen to learn how the National Assembly, with the help of the people, was made the national legislature of France by the King himself.

This episode takes Everything History into the heart of the French Revolution. King Louis XVI makes a series of mistakes and the people of Paris, Versailles, and the countryside begin to arm themselves. There are waves of desertions from the soldiers of the French Guard. 48,000 Citizen Patriots are armed and dangerous and the King has called 20,000 soldiers to reassert "order." Listen to learn the full story!

Episode eleven picks up on July 13th with the Revolution underway in Paris and Versailles. The Citizen Patriots attack the Bastille in a tremendous, symbolic statement and after their victory the French Patriots devolve into violence and anarchy. King Louis XVI submits to the authority of the National Assembly and this ushers in a period of anarchy known as the Great Fear.
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