Dos And Don'ts During A Personal Injury Settlement

Filing a personal injury claim for is the first step towards getting justice for the pain and trauma that you have been through. However there are a few things that can sway your case in either direction, and it is crucial you do the right things to maximize the compensation you can get. Top attorney Jason Stone Personal Injury Lawyers Boston MA say that one wrong step on behalf of the client can be a huge leap backwards in the case. Here are some dos and don'ts for you, as recommended by the best personal injury lawyers.

Seek immediate medical help
Getting necessary medical attention immediately after an injury will reduce the chances of  your conditions deteriorating, and thus going through more pain and damage, even prospects of long term chronic issues or disability. Moreover, it is also essential for your case as otherwise it will be taken by the opposition as negligence on your part. This is likely to affect the amount of compensation since it can be argued that your bills would have been lesser if you sought medical help immediately.

Document everything
The more documentation, proof and witness testimony you have, the better are your chances at the right compensation that you deserve. If possible take photos of your injuries, try to get hold of any videos anyone else made of the accident, and if you can manage to convince any onlooker to testify for you. Keep all your medical bills,prescriptions, insurance information, and any relevant paperwork extremely safe. Remember that every single bit of document and documentation is a tiny step towards victory.

Give any rash statement
A tiny wrong statement from you can ruin all the hard work of your lawsuit and set you back immensely. Therefore, do not make any comment or statement on anything related to the incident unless and until every single word is approved by your lawyer. Stay away from sharing anything regarding your case on social media, and even in personal messages. There is always a chance of having your personal chats, any voice notes, videos or anything you shared there in writing, leaked, which can negatively impact your claim. Do not sign anything until your lawyer goes through it and approves.

Hide from your lawyer
Your lawyer is your best chance at getting the right amount of compensation that the circumstances warrant, so make sure you tell them every single detail possible, share every evidence and don’t be afraid to ask for explanation or guidance. Even if you feel like you are partly at fault in the incident, simply admit it to your lawyer, so that they can build the case and claim for a compensation accordingly. Concealing any fact will mostly end up with truth coming back at you in court, and making your lawyer’s work much harder. Sometimes it can even cause irreparable damage to the point of not only do you lose any compensation, you might end up being proven guilty and end up having to pay to the other party.

When you are in the middle of a lawsuit, it is of utmost importance that you exercise extreme caution when tit comes to your words and actions, in order to maximize your chance of getting justice.