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5 Quick Ways to Increase Your Brand’s Social Media Engagement in 2017

Are you communicating with your audience on social media?Do you want to increase your social media engagement?

You are not alone.

It's not news that social media is one of the most powerful tools for increasing your brand’s exposure.A study by Social Media Examiner showed that 91% of marketers say social media engagement is a top priority.

Moreso andMarketingProfs published an infographic with data that shows that B2B marketers in the U.S alone are increasing their budget for social media marketing more than any other channel in 2017 by more than $100 billion.

Social media Ad Spending

Yes, but that shouldn't be a surprise. That’s because 39% of B2B marketers recorded a significant return on investment in 2016 compared to 9% in 2015. Why not do more in 2017?

You can by implementing these five tactics that help your brand increase social media engagement with prospects and customers.

1. Arrange a Question And Answer Session
It's great to create a forum where your prospects and customers can interact with your brand.
Most likely they’ll like the idea that they can directly ask you questions. It could be about your products or services or what your brand represents.

You can host Twitter chats, Google Hangouts, or a Facebook livestream. For example, Google Hangouts allows brands to organize events online without an extra cost, which helps deliver an even greater ROI for your efforts.

Brands like The New York Times consistently use Google Hangouts to connect with readers. These hangouts often feature top industry leaders, which is a big draw for the audience. Recently, they had Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks and Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers.

You can do same for your brand. Host hangouts and feature industry leaders to answer your audience questions in an interactive way. Give your audience an opportunity to ask questions. In return, you will increase social media engagement.

2. Organize aUnique Contest
Recent research by Ipsos has shown that online contest can motivate 52% of consumers to stay connected to your brand.
That’s why it's common to see social media contests everywhere nowadays. Many are featured on Instagram and Facebook, particularly related to consumer products, Fashion and beauty brands, and tech gadgets.

When you decide to organize a contest, make sure it is unique to what your audience is interested in and pick a competition theme or activity that you know they will love to do, share, and discuss.

It doesn’t have to be about winning a lot of money. Today’s consumers simply love the idea that they can win a free product or service or any recognition. Of course, cash works, too. Above all else, though, your contest goal is to get them excited and engaged about your brand.

Check out what others are doing in your space with contests and then decide how you can adapt that to work with your brand offering. You can also consider doing usability testing to get a sense ahead of time as to whether your audience will love the contest or not.

3. Tag People in Curated Content
Writing curated content is another way to increase your exposure and increase engagement. That’s because you are sharing valuable information with your audience that they have been seeking. By finding it for them and making it available, you are increasing the value you provide through greater convenience. They will also see you as an expert on the subject for your ability to research, mention, and reference content from others within the industry.

Most importantly, be sure to mention the authors in the article, share that content on social media, and then tag them. They will then most likely share it by adding it to their timeline, commenting on it, and tagging your brand as part of that comment.
For example, Andrea Beltrami wrote a post curated from several articles and she posted it on social media and tagged everyone mentioned in the article. The post got a lot of shares, comments, and likes.

Many brands are using this tactic, offering a great benchmark to follow., a localized home services comparison shopping site, has an extensive amount of curated content on its website as well as separately on its social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The articles have comments and numerous shares, helping to build that company’s social engagement with its audience.

4. Make it Easy for People to Engage
Customers are always delighted to be featured on their favorite brand’s timeline. Therefore, you should give them the opportunity to do so as much as possible.

Ask your audience to do things they like and do already on their own social profiles. This includes allowing them to upload and share funny pictures of themselves (with your brand, of course), or anything you think might interest them related to how they interact with your brand.

In return, your audience and their connections will gladly share these posts, helping you to engage with existing followers and even attracting more who also want to participate in these activities.

5. Connect with a social cause
Is there a social cause that relates to your brand that you know of? If so, this is a tactic that is sure to connect with many of your followers who share your passion and interest in that same cause.

If you don’t, then find one. This social cause does not have to directly relate to your brand. It just has to mean something to you. Otherwise, your audience will pick up on the lack of authenticity in your actions.

Once you have that cause and are actively working with that cause, share it with your audience.This includes posting content related to the cause and even visuals that show how your brand has gotten involved in the cause. Videos are particularly engaging because they tell an emotional story about that cause. From that, comments from your audience will likely follow. 

Increasing your social media awareness is very important.  Customers buy from brands they know and are actively involved with. Focusing on social media engagement is an ideal way to ensure that your brand continually remains fresh in their mind.They begin to see your brand as being authentic and eventually become your brand ambassadors.