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3 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Free Up More Time Without Breaking the Bank

In the early days of building a business, it’s tempting to try to do it all. You haven’t quite grown enough to merit hiring a team of employees, but you likely have more work than you can possibly get done in a day. How can you work on growing your business when you’re spending half your morning putting out fires and organizing your day?


Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to hire a full-time employee to accomplish your tasks each day. A virtual assistant, located in the same town or across the world, can help you accomplish your everyday work tasks at an affordable rate, freeing up time in your schedule to do the things you really need to do to improve your business performance.


These three tasks are just some of the items you can outsource to a talented virtual assistant now.


Calendar Management


Assistants have long been responsible for maintaining a busy professional’s calendar, usually from an office nearby. With a virtual assistant, you’ll simply share your calendar with the outside party for management. Whether you’re using Gmail, Outlook, Calendar or another calendar service, you can open access to your calendar to allow a third party to manage it.


As requests for appointments come in through email, simply forward those requests to your assistant. Appointments will be made according to your preferences, with reminders sent to you in advance of each meeting.


Email Organization and Handling


If you’re like many busy executives, your email is in dire need of organization. You don’t even have to give out your password to allow your new assistant access. Just grant access to your account using your email provider’s settings, and your virtual assistant can take it from there. You can set up folders and direct your virtual assistant to organize things a certain way, or you can leave it completely up to the person you’ve chosen to organize it for you.


In addition to organizing your email, you can save time each day by having your assistant respond to incoming email as directed by you. You can do this either by directing the offsite person to go through your email each day or by setting up a separate email account and directing certain parties to go through your assistant to reach you. Either way, this will free you up from the many minutes each day you spend going through your inbox.


Social Media Account Updates and Replies


While it can be difficult to entrust your precious social media accounts to a third party, in the right hands, a good social media account manager can be a true time saver. Not only will you free up time during the day that you’re currently putting toward reading tweets and posting updates, but you’ll have someone overseeing those accounts on a regular basis. This means posts will get a reply much more quickly than if they relied on you to see them. Your virtual assistant can also deploy posts on a schedule you request, whether you write them in advance or have the assistant do it for you.


Hootsuite, Agorapulse, and Sprout Social are just some of the tools that can help you manage your accounts. Their dashboard services allow you to add team members, letting you set up your virtual assistant to post on your behalf without handing over your usernames and passwords. has learned the importance of automating as many assistant-type tasks as possible. The sales CRM automatically connects with a salesperson’s calendar and email; once it’s gained access, it makes lists of everyone the sales rep needs to follow up with. This eliminates organization in between calls, enabling salespeople to power through their lists and increase their productivity by removing the (dreaded) manual labor of determining which call is next and logging it. Entrepreneurs would do well to approach their daily to-do list the same way: by removing the parts that can be done better elsewhere.


By outsourcing some of the more mundane tasks you deal with each day, you’ll be better able to focus on building your business. Your days will be more productive, and you’ll be more responsive to your social media connections and email contacts. Shop around for the most affordable professional virtual assistant service, and ask friends and associates for referrals so you can devote that time to the things that truly need your touch.